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Sony has announced when it’s holding its next PlayStation showcase, in which we’ll hopefully see several of the company’s upcoming games that we haven’t heard from in a while. Considering PlayStation skipped both E3 and Gamescom (except for the Horizon Forbidden West release date reveal at Gamescom’s Opening Night), it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a good dedicated PlayStation showcase. There are a number of games that we could see at the event, though it’s not likely all of them will appear.

There are a lot of games that could potentially be at the showcase. The PlayStation blog post mentions the show will have “updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond.” That wording suggests that we’ll almost definitely get more footage of Horizon Forbidden West, which launches in February. Another major release that is likely to get an acknowledgment, if not a trailer, is the upcoming God of War sequel, tentatively called Ragnarok.

Perhaps less likely to appear is the standalone Last of Us Part II multiplayer game, assets of which have been found by dataminers. There’s a chance we’ll even see the Last of Us remake that’s rumored to be in the works. A real dark horse candidate to appear is Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, which is supposed to launch on PS5 sometime in 2021, but it’s not very likely.

The only thing we know for sure won’t be at the event — because Sony has told us it won’t be at the show — is the upcoming next-gen PSVR 2.0. While it’s disappointing to know that we won’t see the new headset, it’s likely that Sony needs more time to work on it. Details leaked about the PSVR 2.0 suggest it’ll have eye-tracking support and an HDR OLED display.


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