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There’s plenty of exciting video games still slated to come out this year and early 2021. For Pokemon fans as we know that two notable video game launches are coming. However, we haven’t seen much lately for those games. So the question is, are we going to end up seeing delayed announcements coming up soon? Right now, it’s a waiting game, but at the very least, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl got a tweet from the official Nintendo Twitter account.

If you don’t recall, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl are coming out this November. To be exact, Nintendo is gearing this game for a launch on November 19, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch platform. This is also a remake of the 2006 Nintendo DS release of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl. With the new visual gameplay style fans should be able to dive right back into the Sinnoh region soon.

As mentioned, Nintendo did make a small tweet that highlighted the game. Unfortunately, we only have a couple of screenshots, but Nintendo asks fans what their favorite thing about the Sinnoh region is. Of course, this prompted plenty of replied tweets about the visuals for the game and the lack of new content. If there is no delays then we could see new marketing material soon. The same can be said with the other big notable Pokemon release, Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

This is another Nintendo Switch Pokemon RPG by Game Freak. In fact, this game is set to be a prequel to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We also know a big open-world element to this game and will include elements from the past mainline series. Although, there haven’t been any new notable updates about this game. Despite this, it looks like Pokemon Legends: Arceus is still heading into the market on January 28, 2022.


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