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Pokemon is such a massive worldwide hit that it’s not much of a surprise that there are plenty of fans eagerly awaiting to dive into any new video game or content released. One of the more unique games to have hit the marketplace that had fans thrilled both young and older was Pokemon Go. It was a unique game for the time which had players using their smartphones and the GPS location services as they went out in public to hunt down these virtual Pokemon in the wild. Through swiping on the screen to throw pokeballs out to battling against Gyms, it was a huge hit. 

You couldn’t leave your home without seeing groups of people out and about with their smartphones searching for pokemon. A swarm of people running to a spot in hopes of catching a specific character for their collection was quite the norm. However, while the reception for this game started to die down a bit over the years, one element that really dropped in active players outside was the worldwide pandemic.

Because so many of us were forced to endure lockdowns and quarantine orders. It made the developers Niantic think of a quick solution and that’s providing a means for players to reach Pokestops and different Gyms from a greater distance. As you can imagine, this left plenty of fans a bit upset that not the game is rolling back on these updates. While the pandemic is slowly starting to subside, there are still quite a few fans that are still practicing precautions to avoid catching or spreading the virus around. 

While fans have been pretty vocal over this update revert, we’re uncertain just if Niantic will change their mind on allowing players to reach certain locations at a greater distance rather than players having to get closer together again in potentially a group setting. For now, only time will tell. Does this new update that takes away the distancing affect your gameplay experience or are you welcomed with a change that goes back to the way things were before the 2020 pandemic outbreak?

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