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The Pokemon video game franchise has been around for ages. Likewise, it continues to find new exciting installments released into the marketplace regularly, however, for fans that have been waiting for more information on the next mainline installment. That’s going to change soon, according to The Pokemon Company. We don’t have any specific dates on when that information rollout will start, but it does look like the game should finally get a new highlight this year.

Recently, GamesBeat was able to speak with JC Smith, the senior international director of consumer marketing for The Pokemon Company. During their conversation, Smith was asked when we could expect to hear more about Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This game is slated to come out in January of 2022. According to JC Smith, the team has a robust rollout for that game. While there wasn’t anything they could share, they believe that more information should be coming out soon.

“That one, we have a robust rollout, but not a lot that I can share at this time. But the team has a lot of great things to share, and you’ll be hearing from us soon.”

JC Smith

Pokemon video games that are attached to the mainline franchise have been mainly the same formula. There are gym leaders and the urge to be the best trainer out there. However, the next mainline installment is going to be quite different. We don’t have much information on the title, but the next game is Pokemon Legends: Arceus. This is a game that will occur before the other games in an era that hasn’t been featured yet. With that said, there is a familiar location we’ll be exploring.

The game will be taking place in the Sinnoh region, much like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We’re also going to receive an open-world video game title this time around. There’s no Pokemon League, so it’s a bit uncertain how the narrative will go right now. Although, it does look like players will be trying to bring out a Sinnoh Pokedex. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is expected to launch on January 28, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.


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