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The Pokemon franchise has been a big deal for decades now. Ever since its creation, fans have been enjoying anything and everything Pokemon. We’ve seen trading card games, television shows, movies, video games, and a slew of other iconic merchandising. To get your fill of Pokemon, there’s even an application that came out in 2019 called Pokemon TV

Nintendo Switch might be lacking in a few different application departments. If you’re wanting on certain streaming services to make their way on the console, there’s been a real struggle. However, today we are finding out that Pokemon TV is finally available for the Nintendo Switch platform. For fans this may be a great little way to enjoy the latest content. However, if you’re just finding out about this application and enjoy Pokemon, this is one app you’ll want to download.

The Pokemon TV application is essentially your go to source for Pokemon content. We have all kind of episodes, movies and specials available. Likewise, the application includes tips and guides to help players out. To go one step further, with Pokemon TV you can watch past broadcast of big tournaments. It’s a great companion application to go back to for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re needing some help, looking at strategies, or just wanting to catch up on some Pokemon anime. 

Currently, this application is available for players to download right now on the platform. However, as mentioned, there are still plenty of other apps that players are waiting on. Just when or if these applications release such as Netflix remains a mystery. Regardless, for Pokemon fans, this new addition has to be considered a big win. 


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