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The PlayStation 5 is a highly sought-after console platform. However, after launching into the marketplace last year, it’s been challenging to come by. Thanks to the worldwide health pandemic, it’s been difficult getting certain electronics. There’s a real shortage of chips, and it’s leaving plenty of industries struggling to supply stock. As a result, the PlayStation 5 is quickly sold out as soon as it arrives at retailers worldwide. It’s tough finding stock at any given time, but some retailers are at least trying to help consumers out.

One of the reasons that the PlayStation 5 quickly gets sold out is due to resellers. Some bots and resellers quickly purchase up stock. From there, they can flip them online for a price increase. Unfortunately, for everyday consumers looking to purchase units just to enjoy themselves or give as a gift, it’s nearly impossible to find units at MSRP. A retailer that you might want to look into for potentially getting a PlayStation 5 unit is GameStop.

It’s believed that it is likely a new restock coming from GameStop this week. This particular retailer has been gaining stock of PlayStation 5 units every week or two. The last stock GameStop received for PlayStation 5 units was on August 3, 2021. As a result, we might see new stock pop up, but to get a unit, you’ll need to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member. This costs $15 a year, and it gives some benefits. For instance, you’ll receive a monthly $5 rewards certificate along with exclusive offers.

The main reason you’ll want this subscription is that this GameStop offers PlayStation 5 units for PowerUp Rewards Pro members. This means that there’s the ability to keep PlayStation 5 units from quickly being bought up by resellers or bots. So while you won’t be guaranteed a unit with the next shipment, you might have better luck with GameStop. Fortunately, stock should see a bit of an increase soon. Recently, Sony was able to confirm that at least 12 million more units would hit the market this fiscal year.


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