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The mind-bending bosses of Psychonauts 2 put your mind to the test. These bosses aren’t just about mastering the games combat controls, you’ll also need to figure out their unique gimmicks. Some psychic abilities work better than others, and you’ll have to face off against the worst insecurities and fears of the most powerful psychics in the world. If you want to help them and get their lives back on track, you’ll need to defeat their mental demons.

There are 5 titanic boss fights total, and each one introduces mechanics you’ll have to learn to survive. There’s no simple strategy that works for all these bosses. And as always, if you’re having trouble, you can buy plenty of items from Otto’s Store. PSI Pops and even quick-revives to keep you going after a death. These bosses won’t be too difficult for experienced players, so even if you just want to check out these weird bosses and see what they look like, we’ve got pictures for each one below. They’re totally worth checking out.

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How To Beat Every Boss

Boss fights are titanic encounters you’ll run into at the conclusion of certain brain stages. There are only about five big bosses, but they’re all visually unique recreations of each mind’s worst impulses. Check out the strategies below to beat these brain bad guys into submission.

Lady Luctopus

Lady Luctopus is the boss of Hollis’ Hot Streak. She’s a massive neon octopus that’s obsessed with gambling, and she’s rolling the dice to defeat Raz.

  • To hurt Lady Luctopus, use Telekinesis to throw objects at the glowing tentacle to the right holding the cards — PSI Blast will also work. When she spits explosives, throw one at the tentacle.
    • Mental Connections will appear. Grapple up until you get a view of the top of her head. Use PSI Blast to reveal her weak spot.
    • Grappple above and drop down, then attack the heart with melee to damage her.
  • In the second phase, she’ll launch cards at you rapidly! Dodge the red streaks, and use PSI Blast on the left tentacle when the card shield is lowered. Then throw a bomb using Telekinesis. You’ll have to time your throw carefully to avoid the shield!
  • For the final phase, she zaps the ground and unleashes attacks even faster. Use PSI Blast on the tentacle (it moves left, and right, and uses a shield) and throw a bomb when they appear. You’ll have even less time.

The Judges

The gluttonous goat Judges are the boss of Compton’s Cookoff, the puppet-like goat judges of a twisted gameshow where they cruelly judge everything Compton does.

  • You can’t harm the judges right away. You need to collect the ingredients that appear on the screen and shoot them into the suckers to the left / right. The bosses launch of deluge of barf attacks — and clear them away when they launch themselves forward.
  • To find ingredients, wait for a judge to barf up a pile of purple sludge with little kicking legs. Pull them out with Telekinesis to see if its the ingredient you need. Throw it into the tube if its right.
    • Use Levitate to safely roll over the purple gunk. Attack the green globs to reveal healing — you’ll take a lot of damage in this fight.
    • When the plate is presented, press [Y] then continue to tap [Y] to feed the judge, dealing damage.

Make sure you don’t throw the wrong ingredient into the tube! Just throw it away or the round will fail.

Truheltia Memonstria

The three-headed Truheltia Memonstria appear at the end of Bob’s Bottles. This fearsome hydra of bad memories spews a variety of attacks from each head.

  • At the start of the fight, you’re in a swirling vortex while the three heads take turns shooting attacks at you.
  • WHIRLWIND PHASE: Use PSI Blast to shoot the heads — it helps to get the upgrades for PSI Blast here. Especially the Charge and Mag upgrades.
    • When the head shoots missiles, target the projectiles to send them back to their master, dealing much bigger damage.
    • On the head that throws explosive plants, use Telekinesis to pick-up the bombs and throw them back.
  • ON-FOOT PHASE: Deal enough damage, and you’ll land on the island. Attack the cocoon Bob is trapped in until a BAD MOOD appears, along with lots of enemies. Take them all out, then use Clairvoyance on the Bad Mood after it unleashes a ground effect attack. Follow the pointer while in Clairvoyance and destroy the cage that appears when you get close.

The third phase is the same as the first, but the moth that’s been hounding you will follow and drop traps that mess up your controls. Keep switching lanes to avoid her attacks. Keep hitting the big boss with bombs — especially aim for the flame head before it belches fire. That deals huge damage!


Die-Brarian awaits at the end of Cassie’s Collection, a vast library housing all the different identities of Cassie. This huge librarian isn’t going to tolerate your noisy behavior.

  • The Die-Brarian summons swarms of enemies to fight, including Enablers to protect her. Clear them out and avoid the gunk she spews. Use PSI Blast and throw stuff with Telekinesis to deal damage.
    • Eventually, she’ll drop and reveal a switch in her mouth. Summon a Projection and send it to flip the switch.
    • She summons more Enablers each round, but her patterns don’t change much. Throw the pen back at her when it drops onto the arena, use Projection on the switch, and send all three alternate versions of Cassie in.


Maligula, the deluge of Grulovia and the final boss of Psychonauts 2.

  • During her starting phase, she appears as a swirling vortex of water that spawns fast-moving water snakes that explode when they dive at you. To avoid the snakes, you can spawn burning spots on the ground with fire or use Levitate Ball to move fast enough to avoid them completely.
    • PSI Blast is very useful here, especially when fully upgraded. You’ll need to equip Pyrokinesis when she summons blobs in the second phase of the fight.
  • As the fight goes on, your intern pals will show up to help. Defeating other enemies she spawns has a chance to heal you!
    • Make sure to buy up lots of PSI Pops or get the healing upgrade for Projection. This fight can get tough.
  • Maligula, when in water vortex form, can’t be harmed with melee attacks. Still, it helps to use Time Bubble so she can’t avoid your PSI Blasts.

Once she’s down to 25% HP, you’ll grow to giant size. Press [X] to punch, and [A] to breathe fire. Now all you have to do is knock Maligula into the bottomless pit on the left. You can’t really fail this part!

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