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Raz isn’t so alone in Psychonauts 2. After completing your first mission to infiltrate the casino, you’re left to explore the vast grounds of the Motherlobe… and discover some unwanted guests. Raz’s circus family has arrived, and they’re parked in a forest tourist trap called the Questionable Area. One of the first missions your mom sends you on is to find Queepie — your weird little brother. He won’t sit still, and once you find him, he’ll run off to a new area. Queepie has six different locations you need to find, and locating him can be supremely annoying.

If you want to earn a free +1 rank and find all of Queepie’s locations, check the guide below for all the details. Seriously, Queepie can hide in some hard-to-find areas. Especially his final hiding spot, which doesn’t even seem possible to reach the first time through. This is one quest you can get done as soon as you enter the Questionable Area, so you don’t even need any of the later-game powers. Just make sure to listen for Queepie’s radio. That’s your best clue for zeroing in on his location.

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How To Complete ‘Search For Queepie’ | All Locations Guide

To begin the Queepie quest, you need to reach the Questionable Area. Queepie, your weird little brother, is hanging out near the mill. Listen for the loud music on his radio. The music will help guide you to him.

  • Location #1: Next to the Lumber Mill in the Questionable Area.
  • Location #2: Go through the Cave of Sassclops to find your little brother on the ledge.
  • Location #3: From the ticket booth entrance with the big green signs, climb the left tree with vines wrapping around it. Go up, use the rope, and keep going up until you reach the dead end with Queepie.
  • Location #4: Go to the Funicular path and reach the ladder above the public restroom roof. Go up the tree pathway until you reach Queepie at the top by using the bouncy plant.
  • Location #5: Next, go back to the roof of the Lumberjack Diner. Use the old truck to bounce onto the roof.
  • Location #6: Go to the end of Cave of Sassclops and hope the three poles. Next, you need to carefully jump onto the head of the sassclops sign above the cave entrance. From here, you can see the small platform where Queepie is located.

Unlocks the “Dance, Baby, Dance” achievement and rewards you with a Psi Challenge Marker.

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