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Psychonauts 2: How To Cook Every Recipe Under The Time Limit | Compton’s Cookoff Guide – Gameranx


In Compton’s Cook-Off, a later level in Psychonauts 2, you’ll be challenged with cooking a meal before the time limit expires. You don’t have much time, and certain cooking tasks take much longer than others. If you want to finish and earn all the collectibles in the stage, you’ll have to use strategy when devising each dish. Basically, you need to figure out what order to cook in. Which ingredients to take first, and which ones you can save for later. If you do them in the wrong order, you’ll waste precious time and make it impossible to finish under the time limit.

The twisted cooking contest in Compton’s Cook-Off isn’t simply a puzzle either. You have to traverse a series of deadly traps for each device. There are four devices total; a blender, a chopper, a grill, and a boiler. The boiler takes the longest to finish. The blender takes a long time, but not quite as long. The chopper happens instantly, and the grill has to be carefully managed. Just like your health bar, because you’ll take a lot of damage if you aren’t careful.

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How To Complete All Recipes Under The Time Limit | Compton’s Cookoff

There are three rounds to the cooking show. If you fail to complete a dish under the allotted time, you’ll fail and have to try again. The last two dishes have tight time limits, so if you’re stuck, this is the order you need to cook every dish. Don’t forget to also use Levitate to move faster, and use the quick grind rails or slides whenever possible to return to the main area.

  • Round 1: Boiled Egg + Chopped Onion
    • Grab an egg from the stands, then go to the left (boiling water) path. Place the egg in the boiled water. It takes time to cook.
    • Grab an onion, and go to the chopper path on the right. Chop it up. Place it on the marked spot on the plate.
    • Go back to the cooked egg. It should be done by now. Collect it and place on the plate.

For finishing within the time limit, you’ll get a Half-A-Mind collectible.

  • Round 2: Boiled Egg + Sliced & Cooked Bread + Blended Strawberry
    • Start boiling the egg first. Again, this is going to take time. Leave it and go work on something else.
    • Then blend the strawberry. Use the Mental Connections to reach the top of the blender faster / safer.
    • Grab Bread and take it to the cutter. Once its chopper, take it to the grill. You need to place the bread, then use the left / right buttons to place the grill over the heaters.
    • Once the bread is cooked, take it to the plate. Then get the strawberry, place it, and finally the egg.

For finishing within the time limit, you’ll get a Half-A-Mind.

  • Round 3: Cooked Egg + Sliced & Cooked Pig + Boiled Beehive + Chopped & Blended Watermelon
    • Start by boiling the beehive. This will take some time, so leave it.
    • Next, chop the Watermelon and then start blending. Use the grind shortcut to get started faster. This will also take some time.
    • Grab the pig next. Chop it, then grind to the cooker. Cook and plate.
    • Cook and plate the Egg.
    • Collect the blended watermelon, plate it — then collect the boiled beehive. You should have just enough time.

For finishing within the time limit, you’ll get an Emotional Baggage tag.

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