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Lost doesn’t even begin to describe Bob’s situation in this lonely Psychonauts 2 stage. Trapped on a desert island with his dead plants, you’ll have to traverse the mental high seas to delve into Bob’s past and plant the seeds to help him deal with the past. Bob is on an island of his own making, and only Raz can break him out of his funk — and reconnect him with the friends he’s pushed away. You’ll have to explore the grubby swamps of Bob’s mind and the tallest cream-coated peaks. Some of the trickiest collectibles in the game are hidden in this huge level.

Some of the toughest collectibles are in the cake peaks. Make sure to unlock the Dark Thoughts upgrade before starting this level. You’ll need it to reach the Viking Ship ores and jump across to climb up onto the deck. In the same area, you can backtrack to an optional island and ride the updrafts to grab some very easy-to-miss figments. Like any of the levels, you can use your trusty worm to teleport you to areas that are no longer directly accessible, and this level is packed with alternate little areas.

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All Collectibles Locations | Bob’s Bottles

There are 6 different types of collectibles to find in Psychonauts 2 — Memory Vaults, Emotional Baggage, Fragments, Nuggets of Wisdom, and Half-A-Minds. Finding them gives you +1 rank and a point to upgrade your powers.

Emotional Baggage #1: Dufflebag – The tag is in the pink memory bottle. Check the bag location below — the tag is nearby. You’ll find the tag by reaching the nugget of wisdom (just below), then following the pole path marked with figments. Reach the rocks, then jump to a tiled platform.

  • The bag is in the pink memory bottle. Past the Bulb Bob where you have to slide down the bottle, then jump off the flytrap, you’ll see the bag on a high platform to the left.

Nugget of Wisdom #1: Just past the duffle, go through the gauntlet of objects in the water and reach the bouncy net. Look in the distance to spot a platform you can just barely reach — you need to bounce high, then double-jump and glide to reach it.

  • NOTE: From the nugget of wisdom, follow the figments (easy to miss) to a tiled platform. A tag is on that platform.

Emotional Baggage #2: Purse – Follow the same memory (pink bottle) until you reach the house interior mid-point. From there, you’ll need to jump up two poles and reach a trapeze. Instead of swinging on it, drop down on the lillypads to reach this tag.

  • In the same area, go to the trapeze that leads to the next house interior with a slide. Instead of jumping to the sliding floor, go for a big jump to reach a high platform above and left of the main path. The purse is up there.

Emotional Baggage #3: Hatbox – This tag is on the island with Lili. Go left from Bob’s island dock.
-The box is on the same island as the tag. Just run to the opposite side.

Memory Vault #1: In the green memory bottle, you’ll reach the Motherlobe area. On the right side, use the Projection ability to enter the locked door. You’ll have to return later to get this one.

Half-A-Mind #1: In the overworld, from Bob’s island, go right to find Otto’s tiny island. Dock and look behind the rock.

Emotional Baggage #4: Steamer – The tag is located to the right of the blue memory bottle, on the island behind a tall rock.

  • The trunk is located on the island where Truman is trapped. Jump on the raised wooden docks to reach it.

Nugget of Wisdom #2: In the blue bottle memory (wedding), take the right path to the straw grind rail. Jump off to the platform on the right to get this nugget.

  • NOTE: There’s an EASY-TO-MISS figment located behind the blue bottle after you break through post the slide.

Memory Vault #2: On the blue bottle (wedding) memory, take the right path to the straw grind rail. Jump onto the wedding table passage to reach this vault.

Emotional Baggage #5: Suitcase – In the blue wedding memory, reach the cake dance floor where the Bad Mood spawn. Now turn around and look toward the entrance — with a good levitate, double-jump, and glad you can reach the top of this far-off cake. The tag is there.

  • The bag is located in the wedding care area, to the left of the stage. This is where a Bad Mood spawns.

Half-A-Mind #2: In the Wedding dance area, use the Dark Thoughts on the left of the arena and double-jump onto the ores. Now you can reach the deck of the ship by jumping across the ores and climbing the net. You’ll also find some hard-to-reach figments.

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