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The twisted libraries of Cassie’s Collection can be a tricky place to hunt down all her collectibles. The level forks at two different paths, and both of them are pretty enormous — you’ll have to check out tricky platforming across books, then enter a paper recreation of Cassie’s criminal past in the harbor area. The dockside is so big, its pretty easy to lose track of all the collectibles (and figments) floating around. You’ll have to search everywhere to get them, and some can only be earned after you return through the Collective Unconscious.

Cassie’s Collection is where you’ll unlock the handy Projection ability. Projections can unlock doors or open gates — and they can help you in combat. Projections distract enemies, and the right upgrades can make them consistently spawn health power-ups. Projections are a late-game power that you’ll need to clear out the rest of the collectibles in the other hubs. Once you get it, you’ll finally be able to break through every barrier the game throws at you.

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All Collectibles Locations | Cassie’s Collection

There are 6 different types of collectibles to find in Psychonauts 2 — Memory Vaults, Emotional Baggage, Fragments, Nuggets of Wisdom, and Half-A-Minds. Finding them gives you +1 rank and a point to upgrade your powers.

Emotional Baggage #1: Suitcase – The tag is located on the first book path. After getting Projection, you’ll enter another book and reach a tall library section with floating books. Reach a big floating book with an updraft. Ride the updraft and use Mental Connection up high to reach this tag.

  • The bag is in the main library. From the desk, go right and use charge-jump (levitate) to reach the upper ledge. There’s a book sticking out with the purse.

Emotional Baggage #2: Purse – The tag is located on the first book path, where you unlock the Projection skill. Go past the anatomy drawing to the enemy arena and jump up to the gate on the left. The tag is right there. Basically impossible to miss.

  • The purse is located in the same room as the tag! Go to the opposite side of the room. Use the doilies to wall-climb onto the high platform with this purse next to the dragon.

Nugget of Wisdom #1: The Nugget is located in the main library room. Jump onto the ledge to the right of the desk and follow the book and shelf to reach its ledge directly above the entrance.

Memory Vault #1: After getting Projection, you’ll use another book to reach a new area of the library. Clear out the Regrets and Enabler, then look in the corner of the starting arena.

Nugget of Wisdom #2: Jumping across the flying books, you’ll land on a big one with an updraft. Use the Mental Connections here to reach a high ledge with this nugget.

Emotional Baggage #3: Steamer – In the counterfeiting / evidence collecting area, go to the market tower in the center. After gliding on the drift, look left of the updraft. There are receding paper platforms you can use to reach a ledge.

  • The trunk is located at the top of the main library room. Use the tightropes and Time Bubble to cross the shelves and reach the hanging solar system. Use Projection on the switch below to make it raise up, then jump onto the high balcony. Circle all the way around to find this trunk.

Half-A-Mind #1: Once you enter Literature Lane (the second book path), you’ll find the half-a-mind dancing on the ground floor.

Emotional Baggage #4: Duffle – In the Literature Lane open area where you need to collect evidence, reach the side-scroller door in the printing press area. Across from the door, is a different locked door you can open with Projection.

  • The bag is located on the dock behind the entrance as you enter the counterfeiting area of the library — the second book area.

Emotional Baggage #5: Hatbox – In the second major book area (the counterfeiter you need to find evidence against) take the right path toward the fish cannery and use Time Bubble on the falling platforms to reach a gate. Go through, and to the right of the paper door, you’ll find the tag.

  • The bag is located in the counterfeiting / evidence area. Drop down to the book island you can reach by riding the circling paper boats.

Nugget of Wisdom #3: In the counterfeiting / evidence hunting area, enter the Fish Cannery area. Go through the side-scrolling book segment, and exit through the second door to reach the roof. The nugget is right there.

Nugget of Wisdom #4: At the waterfront, go to the marketplace (center area) and drop down from the stalls facing the center of this map. Look down, there’s a grey book you can drop down onto. From here, you can drop down onto a tricky little alcove with this extremely easy-to-miss nugget.

Memory Vault #2: While hunting for clues in the counterfeiting area, go to the printer building and reach the area with the Bad Mood and Enablers. Enter the raised corridor with the small archway and you’ll find a portal on the back of a book that leads to an island. The vault is on top of the small island.

Half-A-Mind #2: After gaining the Projection power, return to the Children’s Corner (first path) and go to the book pedestal. To the right, you’ll find a locked door the projection can open for you.

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