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The final real level of Psychonauts 2 sends you into the twisted mind of a would-be dictator. In Fatherland Follies, you’ll explore a cheerful ride lamenting the destruction of Grulovia, the country that’s become so important to the story of Psychonauts. You’ll discover a new villain at the heart of the organization, uncover the mole, and get a huge stage to explore for tons of collectibles. This is a complicated stage, so getting everything can be difficult. And like most stages, you’ll need to make a return trip to get the last figments and Emotional Baggage. It’s impossible to get them all on the first go.

And that’s it! This is the final level, so you’ll complete the story right after this stage. Once the game is over, you can continue to explore the real-world and mental levels to get more stuff and inch your way to 100% completion, or just to Rank 100. There’s even some little Easter eggs you can find in the post-game, like an escaping Dr. Loboto. Here’s hoping for an expansion in the near future. All I want is more ridiculously creative levels!

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All Collectibles Locations | Fatherland Follies

There are 6 different types of collectibles to find in Psychonauts 2 — Memory Vaults, Emotional Baggage, Fragments, Nuggets of Wisdom, and Half-A-Minds. Finding them gives you +1 rank and a point to upgrade your powers.

Half-A-Mind #1: In the ride area, go to the town square where people are dancing around the well. To the left of the square, there’s an alcove.

Emotional Baggage #1: Hatbox – From the town square, use Mental Connection to reach the perfect portrait of the Gzar family with clouds behind them. Check behind the clouds for bouncy nets. Reach the top, above the family, to find this easy-to-miss tag.

  • The box itself is in the backstage area past the Maligula statue in the war scene. Enter the backstage door and use Time Bubble on the two spinning pins. Wall-jump up and you’ll run straight into the box.

Emotional Baggage #2: Dufflebag – In the ride area with the dancing citizens in the town square, look near the exit door. There’s a grey door on the back of one building. Open it and ride the Dark Thoughts to the tag.

  • The bag is located behind the diorama of the Gzar family fleeing, after the Maligula battle exhibit.

Memory Vault #1: Behind the Maligula battle diorama, there’s an optional path that leads to the backstage of the ride. Just as you enter the small door near the Maligula statue, the vault is to the left.

Emotional Baggage #3: Suitcase – In the second ride area with the graveyard, look behind the gravestones to find this tag.

  • After completing the level, return later and go straight to the Gift Shop area. The suitcase is here, along with all the final figments.

Emotional Baggage #4: Purse – Still in the second area, go to the exhibit of the Gzar’s family escaping in the cold. Look in the small igloo opening, then check behind the fake wall.

  • The purse is nearby, behind the death bed exhibit.

Nugget of Wisdom #1: In the unfinished area connected to the graveyard / death bed exhibit. This is the treasure room.

Half-A-Mind #2: Go to the Gzar family escape exhibit, and use the control panel to switch to the desert background. Move the props so you can jump into the barn and look behind the stage.

Nugget of Wisdom #2: At the family exile exhibit, switch to the the underwater escape, then jump into the submarine. In the hotel room, use Pyro on the big painting and enter the hidden area again.

Emotional Baggage #5: Steamer – In the backstage area later in the level, where you need to use Time Bubble and Mental Connection to grapple across the chasm, you’ll reach an area where Dr. Loboto is removing a brain. Just past the next set of Mental Connections, look to the right before reaching the door portal.

  • In the same area as the tag, much earlier, you’ll land on a platform with grapple points to the left (straight head) and right. Use the right connections to reach the steamer trunk.

Nugget of Wisdom #3: Reach the Whispering Rock campground and enter the bunkroom to the right where you shrink to open the door.

Memory Vault #2: In the Whispering Rock campground, enter the left bunk room (upper) and go through the interior door. Use charged PSI Blast to break through the barriers on the other side, and you’ll reach this collectible.

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