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The final hub of Psychonauts 2 isn’t just any abandoned campground. Green Needle Gulch is where the original Psychonauts joined forces to delve into the depths of the mind. The ruins of the Psychic Six’s original base of operations are in ruins, overgrown with frightening plants and killer bees. This is one of the smaller hubs, but it can still be a pain trying to navigate all the easy-to-miss collectibles. We’ve got a full list of every location in the guide below.

Certain collectibles are only available when you return after completing the game, so don’t worry about clearing out Green Needle Gulch until after beating the story. The hive area is far too dangerous at night. During the day (and once you complete Cassie’s brain stage) the bees will calm down, allowing you to explore a little more of the honey-encrusted hills. If you’re aiming to 100% all the hubs, this is the last one.

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Green Needle Gulch | 100% Completion Guide

There are four types of collectibles in the real world — PSI Challenge Cards, PSI Challenge Markers, Supply Chests, and Supply Chest Keys. Each collectible is dedicated to earning you more ranks and giving you more PSItanium.

PSI Challenge Card #1: Slide down from the starting area, then jump the rope and look on the floating wood platform to the right.

PSI Challenge Card #2: In the same area, there’s another card on the tightrope to the left.

PSI Challenge Marker #1: From Nona’s River House, go onto the wooden bridge to the Heptadome and use the Thought Tuner to discover grapple points.

PSI Challenge Card #3: On the path from Nona’s River House to the Heptadome. You can’t miss it.

PSI Challenge Card #4-6: Three are floating (and easy to spot) in the Heptadome.

PSI Challenge Card #7-8: Two are on the hills through the right exit of the Heptadome.

PSI Challenge Card #9-11: Take the left path from the Heptadome. Once you reach the old van, there are three cards nearby. Two on the path, and one behind the tree to the left.

PSI Challenge Card #12: Inside Cassie’s Hives interior, go up to the top of the stairs and double-jump to a small alcove.

PSI Challenge Marker #2: From the Heptadome, go right to find the Psychoisolation Chamber. Flip the switches around it in this order: purple, orange, blue.

Supply Chest #1: In Compton’s Menagerie, just follow the right path.

PSI Challenge Card #13-17: Five PSI Challenge cards are floating around Compton’s Menagerie. They’re easy to spot, just platform around the area to collect them. Make sure to climb to the very top!

Supply Chest Key #1: In Compton’s Menagerie, use Clairvoyance on the beaver in the center. Find his hiding spot to get this key.

PSI Challenge Marker #3: Use Projection on the outhouse near Truman’s wrecked treehouse office.

PSI Challenge Card #18: Use Levitate charge jump ability to reach the broken stairs of Truman’s office. Climb the ivy to reach the roof. The card is on the chimney.

PSI Challenge Marker #4: The last marker is found from the Truman’s office rooftop. Use the Thought Tuner to discover grapple points — then zip up them to get this marker.

PSI Challenge Card #19: There’s another card you can get from the previous marker. Jump to the broken section of wooden walkway on the opposite tree trunk.

PSI Challenge Card #20: From Truman’s treehouse, jump onto the circular wooden platform and walk on the tightrope to get this card.

PSI Challenge Card #21: At the start of the area, one card is floating above the tightrope, right after the rock slide down to the water. Jump onto the tree branches you can use like poles to get it.

PSI Challenge Card #22: From Bob’s Greenhouse, when you reach the ivy you need to climb, look down for a green bouncy plant. Bounce off it onto a swing to reach the caves.

Supply Chest Key #2: The second supply chest key is also in the area with the previous card.

PSI Challenge Card #23-#24: At Bob’s Greenhouse, drop down to the lowest section of the vines beneath the house. There are two cards below.

PSI Challenge Card #25: Right next to the entrance door to Bob’s Greenhouse.

Supply Chest #2: Inside Cassie’s Hives, go to the top floor and use the Projection ability — you’ll gain it in Cassie’s brain.

PSI Challenge Card #26: After beating the game, you can return to Green Needle Gulch during the day. Go to the path leading to Cassie’s Hives. At the green bouncy plant, there’s a small building you can hop onto. Jump on, and follow the rocks to this card.

PSI Challenge Card #27: At Nona’s River House, reach the second floor balcony and jump onto the broken balcony sections above the old water wheel.

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