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When you return to Hollis Forsythe’s mind in Level 3 of Psychonauts 2, everything has change — and you’re in for a much more robust mission. If you’re aiming to find all the collectibles here, it isn’t going to be easy. You’ll have to return much later with the Dark Thoughts upgrade and the ability to fit through door slots. Once you’ve got that done, you can clear out this long level. And like all the levels, there are collectibles hidden everywhere.

We won’t be covered where to find the figments — except for the trickiest ones you might easily miss. And there are two particular tricky figments in this level we were lucky to stumble on early. If you don’t look carefully, you’ll be pulling out your hair trying to find these two. Otherwise, its just a matter of finding all the glowing energy auras. Finding 100 will give you a rank up.

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All Collectibles Locations | Hollis’ Hot Streak

There are 6 different types of collectibles to find in Psychonauts 2 — Memory Vaults, Emotional Baggage, Fragments, Nuggets of Wisdom, and Half-A-Minds. Finding them gives you +1 rank and a point to upgrade your powers.

Half-A-Mind #1: At the start, use the Mental Connections to go right (from the level start) to this platform.

Half-A-Mind #2: In the same room, go to the center platform and grapple left to the small floating spot.

Nugget of Wisdom #1: On the large sign in the hospital parking lot. Jump onto the awning to reach it.

Emotional Baggage #1: Suitcase – The tag is located on the hospital roof, before going inside. Look in the back-left corner. The bag is located in Cardiology, in one of the booths to the left.

Emotional Baggage #2: Purse – The tag is found in the Maternity Door. Enter and go down the hallway, then turn around and grapple to the hidden area.

  • The bag is located in the Records door, through the first hallway to the right.

Memory Vault #1: From the Morgue, enter the Doctor’s Only door. Find the vault in the first left hallway.

Emotional Baggage #3: Duffelbag – In the Maternity door, begin the rich couple’s quest and use the Mental Connections to reach the interior. Reach the spinning platforms and ride them around to the floating tag.

  • The bag is located in the Maternity room. Go up the Mental Connections, and then continue up the Dark Thoughts. You can only go this way with the Dark Thoughts upgrade.

Half-A-Mind #3: In the Maternity door, in the large platforming area through the roulette wheel. When you reach the cracked wall you have to blast open, one half-a-mind is located on the dice platform.

Nugget of Wisdom #2: Through the Records door, reach the dead-end with the desk and use pyro on the hanging picture to reveal a hidden room.

Nugget of Wisdom #3: In the Pharmacy door, enter the Pillinko machine. Near the start, you can enter a grapple point — use the alternate Dark Thoughts path to reach this nugget. (Only available once you unlock Mental Connections – Rank 30: Dark Thoughts.)

Half-A-Mind #4: In Cardiology, enter the platforming area. After the first dangerous platforms, you’ll reach another set of red / blue electricity platforms. Look left through the doors for a flying booth. Double-jump and glide to reach it.

Nugget of Wisdom #4: The final nugget is found in Cardiology. Look for a door you can open to the left of the bar. In the back of the hallway, there’s a door with a slot — you can only get through here when you get the power to fit through slots.

  • Hard-To-Find Figments: This room also contains some of the easiest to miss Figments. Enter the room to grab two, and then use the charge Levitate jump to reach the two on the lights far above. Very easy to miss.
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