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The vast Quarry is the second hub of Psychonauts 2, and where you’ll really get a taste of this game’s open-world exploration. The Quarry mostly consists of a lake, with plenty of optional areas to explore on the edges of the crater. There’s a dam you can repair by turning the correct switches, and two buildings to visit. Otto’s Laboratory is located in the Quarry, along with the Isolation Chamber, the treehouse, an abandoned mine, Lili’s Secret Garden, and more. It’s a huge area and you’ll want to explore every inch of it.

And if you’re hungry to get 100% like me, the hardest part is finding all those PSI Cards. There are only 18 cards here, but a few are really annoying to find. We’ve got text locations for all of them, including the PSI Challenge Markers, Supply Chest Keys, and Supply Chests. Get all this stuff, and you’ll be swimming in extra PSItanium and level ups.

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The Quarry | 100% Completion Guide

There are four types of collectibles in the real world — PSI Challenge Cards, PSI Challenge Markers, Supply Chests, and Supply Chest Keys. Each collectible is dedicated to earning you more ranks and giving you more PSItanium.

Supply Chest Key #1: From the PSI Jet, turn around and enter the right updraft (left if you’re exiting the Lobby) and reach the upper deck. Go all the way to the back.

Supply Chest #1: From the PSI Jet, jump onto the spot behind the updraft to the left of the entrance door. The chest is found beneath the deck, between two columns.

PSI Challenge Card #1: Jump onto the back spoiler of the jet.

PSI Challenge Card #2: From the jet, go left on the path under the raised deck. Look below for a floating log — you can drop down and grab the PSI Card floating on it. Its right below the supply chest.

PSI Challenge Card #3: On the left path (facing the doors, right if you’re facing the jet) go to the rocky platforms. To the right of the cave entrance, there’s a large rock with a small spot.

PSI Challenge Card #4: Climb the rock path with vines right past the previous card to find a wall-jump area with another card. Lili’s secret spot is ahead.

PSI Challenge Card #5: Left of the main door (facing the jet) go through the tree and reach the tree house fort. Use the walkway around the entrance door to reach this card.

Supply Chest #2: At the radio station tree house, jump onto the hanging platform to the left with the pole.

PSI Challenge Card #5: On the platform with the supply chest, climb up the pole and hop to the grind rail. The PSI card is on that rail.

PSI Challenge Card #6: Use the raft (from the goat island) to reach the dock near the dam. Climb up and look ahead / to the right, there’s a small alcove on the far right edge of the dam you can levitate to with this card.

PSI Challenge Card #7: On the dam, there’s a transformer in a corner of the walkways near the waterfall surrounded by barbed fences. Use the charging jump power with levitate to reach it.

PSI Challenge Marker #1: On the dam, bounce up to the walkways from the dock (with the rock platform / slide) to reach an area behind the waterfall. Climb up onto the transformer and across to drop into the fenced area.
-To turn on the dam power, flip the switches in this order: blue, orange, purple.

PSI Challenge Marker #2: On the dam walkways, use the charged levitate jump to reach the high catwalk. After turning on the power to the dam (previous collectible), ride the high rail and you’ll find a trapeze and a fan. Jump into the draft and levitate to ride it. On the building rooftop, you’ll find this marker.

PSI Challenge Card #8: On a grind rail to the right of the Psychoisolation entrance door.

Supply Chest Key #3: To the right of Otto’s Lab, behind the guard booth to the raised bridge.

PSI Challenge Card #9: In the back-left corner of Otto’s Lab.

PSI Challenge Card #10: Another is in the back-right.

Supply Chest #3: In Otto’s Lab, go to the back-left corner. There’s a platform here you can climb onto that has access to a grind rail. Grind on it to reach a high ledge with this chest.

PSI Challenge Marker #3: Use the Thought Tuner (device acquired by talking to Otto in his lab) in front of the lab area. Use Mental Connection on the thoughts to reach this collectible.

PSI Challenge Card #11: Take the floating platform path from the jet to Psychoisolation. On the way, you’ll find a small rock island with this card on the right, above a rope.

PSI Challenge Card #12: Go to the ledge directly above the entrance to Psychoisolation.

PSI Challenge Card #13: To the right of the Old Mine entrance, there’s a platform you can swing to.

PSI Challenge Card #14: Beneath the entrance to the Blastcap Becky Cave, there’s a grind rail over the water. Drop down and grind to reach this card.

PSI Challenge Card #15: Enter Blastcap Becky’s cave and reach the skeleton. Turn around and bounce on the bouncy plant to reach a high wooden walkway.

PSI Challenge Card #16: From the previous card, jump on the grind rail and then swap rails ahead to reach a ledge with this card.

Supply Chest Key #4 + PSI Challenge Card #17: In Otto’s Lab, use Time Bubble on the spinning fan in the back-left corner.

PSI Challenge Marker #4: Go toward Lili’s secret spot, to the right of the dead-end cave. Use the Thought Tuner to discover some Mental Connections you can grapple on to reach this marker, hidden behind the Motherlobe building.

Supply Chest #4: Use the canoe to reach the dock in the back-right corner of the Quarry. Climb the ivy and you’ll discover this chest.

PSI Challenge Marker #5: Use the Thought Tuner at the base of the tree house, then grapple the thoughts to reach a high rock island with this marker.

PSI Challenge Card #18: Get on the canoe in the quarry, then take the boat over to the rocky path that lads to Lili’s secret spot. Between the rocks and the Motherlobe strucutre, there’s a little alcove with this hard-to-find card.

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