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Once you’ve unlocked the Quarry and the Questionable Area in Psychonauts 2, you can return to the intern’s secret treehouse and get a tricky job from Gisu. She wants you to find three hidden Psychoseismometers — each one teleports you into a negative mental realm filled with waves of enemies. You’ll want to bring plenty of PSI Pops to survive, and probably wait before entering the final stage of Ford Cruller’s Fractured Mind.

Like all the optional missions, this one really doesn’t come with clues. You just need to find three devices and use them. Beating up the bad guys inside is relatively straightforward. Its finding the machines that’s going to drive you up the telekinetic walls. There are only three devices — one in the Quarry, and two in Questionable Area. Unfortunately, both of the hidden locations in the Questionable Area are pretty dang questionable. If you’re lost and need a quick reference to find these machines, check out the full optional quest guide below.

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How To Complete The “Psychoseismometers for Gisu” Optional Mission

To begin this optional mission, you need to progress in Truman’s “Secret Mission” and then talk to Gisu in the treehouse, on the left path in the Quarry. She’ll ask you to find three hidden “Psychoseismometers” — each one leads into a wave-based combat arena. Before going into each arena, I recommend buying a few PSI Pops.

  • Vent Psychoseismometer 099: In the Quarry, go toward the Old Mine entrance to the Questionable Area. On the right, there’s an optional cave covered in spider webs. Use Pyro to open it, and reach the end to find this device.
  • Vent Psychoseismometer Q33: In the Questionable Area, go to the forest campfire near the Forgotten Woods entrance. Use Pyro to light the campfire and ride the updraft, then float toward the wooden tree walkways toward the playground. If you levitate, you can just make it. Use the bouncy plant, then when you land, use two more to reach a very high walkway. Ride the draft with Levitate to reach the objective.
  • Vent Psychoseismometer H18: In the Questionable Area, go to the Aquato Camp and check the left side for a path through the trees. There’s a large rock with a view of a cracked cave wall. Blast it open and go inside.

Return to Gisu to collect your reward. Its just a simple rank up, but you’ll need all the ranks you can get before travelling to the fourth hub.

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