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Very early in Psychonauts 2, you’ll get an optional mission that’s impossible to beat until much later in the game. Your fellow interns will challenge you to a Scavenger Hunt — to find 16 “important” artifacts. Some of these artifacts are extremely difficult to find. You’ll have to perform weird little mini-games or interact with objects you might not even know you can interact with. Some are just in the environment, while others have to be found in more creative ways. Finding all 16 can be a huge pain, and if you’re wondering exactly when you’ll be able to get them all, here’s a quick (and complete) list of all their locations.

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Scavenger Hunt Optional Mission | All Locations

The Scavenger Hunt is the very first optional quest. You won’t be able to complete it until much, much later in the game.

Motherlobe | Scavenger Hunt Locations

  • Psychonauts Name Plaque: In the main room of the “Agents” passage. Look on the Storage closet door.
  • Day Old Sushi: In the Noodle Bowl, look on the counter opposite the checkout desk.
  • Astronaut Ice Cream: In the Nerve Center, use all the terminals in the main area with green screens. Use one, and a new one will appear. Use them all and this will pop out of one computer.
  • Deck of Cards: Bowl multiple times at the Bowling Alley until the cards pop out out the ball return.
  • Enemy Surveillance Drone: In the intern area, enter the “Artifact Storage” door and use Projection to get through the slot on the door.

The Quarry | Scavenger Hunt Locations

  • Psitanium Knife: Go left from the main entrance (right if you’re facing the jet) and reach the cavern. Jump up the rocky ledges until you reach this glowing knife.
  • Agent Orientation Laserdic: In Dr. Otto’s Lab, go behind his desk and go down the passage to the right. Use Levitate to get past the electrified floor.
  • Unexploded Bomb: Above the Old Mine entrance, use pyro on the campfire spot to create an updraft. Ride it up and look on the hanging board for this item.

Questionable Area | Scavenger Hunt Locations

  • Human Skull: There’s a human skull on the upper funicular — repair the engine by sticking on all the gears and the funicular will come to you.
  • Can of Corn: In the Cave of Sassclops, use pyro on the fireplace near the cave entrance and ride the updraft to the platform.
  • Switchblade Hatchet: On the lumber mill, use Time Bubble (unlocked after the Sensorium) to ride the water wheel up to the rooftop.
  • Novelty Mug: Go to the Lumberjack Diner and use Projection (power unlocked later) to open the door to the left of the kitchen.

Green Needle Gulch | Scavenger Hunt Locations

  • Mini Murder Bug Bot: Reach Nona’s River House and take the ladder up. Burn the roots blocking the door and check the balcony.
  • Viking Helmet: Take the left path from the Heptadome until you find a small theater with an old van. Circle around the back to get this helmet.
  • Beehive Shaped Phone: Look behind Cassie’s Hives. From the front door, circle around to the back.
  • Signed Copy of Mindswarm: Return to Cassie’s Hives after completing her level and talk to her. In dialogue, you can ask for a signed comic. She’ll just hand one over.
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