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Once Raz gains access to the Quarry, you can find a special quest that takes you deep into yet another explorable area outside the Motherlobe. By finding Lili’s secret garden, you can take on a job to find a Rare Fungus in the Questionable Area. Getting to the Questionable Area isn’t too difficult — but finding the location of the Rare Fungus is. All Lili tells you is that you need to search the Far Fetched Falls, but she doesn’t really give you any more clues than that.

As it turns out, this quest is impossible if you get it early. You’ll have to unlock the Time Bubble ability before you can finish the quest, and even then it isn’t clear where you’re supposed to go. If you’re lost and need a little helping hand, here’s where to find the Rare Fungus and complete Lili’s optional mission. You’ll earn the ‘A Fungus Is Among Us‘ achievement and get +1 rank.

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Find Rare Fungus For Lili | Optional Mission Guide

To start this mission, you need access to The Quarry. Once you’re there go right (facing the jet, or left facing the main doors) to the rocky platforms. To the right of the cave entrance, there’s a path you can jump up, leading to a rocky wall-jump, that finally takes you to Lili’s secret spot.

  • Talk to Lili to begin the quest. She’ll send you to collect a Rare Fungus in Far Fetched Falls, a section of the Questionable Area.

To reach the Questionable Area, go to Otto’s Lab on the opposite end of the Quarry. To the right, there’s a raised bridge. Talk to the proprietor — he won’t let the bridge down. The only other way to enter the Questionable Area is through the Old Mine. To reach the Old Mine, go to Psychoisolation and ride the grind rail to the right of the entrance door, then follow the signs.

  • Follow the path to the cave entrance in the far end of the canyon. Enter the Old Mines and you’ll reach the Questionable Area.

In the Questionable Area, leave the Old Mine to reach the Lumberjack Diner parking lot. Enter the area with the Haunted Waterwheel on the way to the Family Camping Area. The Far Fetched Falls are visible from here.

Go to the Funicular and repair the motor. Find all the gears — one is right next to the broken machine, one is in the forest path to the right, and one is on the left side of the funicular ramp, near the arches.

  • At the top of the Funicular, go to the Far Fetched Falls viewing platform and wait for a log to go up the falls. Wait for one in about the center of the falls, and use Time Bubble (acquired during the Mailroom Brain level) to slow it down.

You’ll see that there’s a hidden cave behind the waterfall, just visible as the water parts on the slowed log. Jump onto the log, and then into the cavern.

  • Find the really big purple mushroom in the back-center of the cave. It can be tricky to spot the [Y] symbol that appears, so just get close to the most conspicuous purple glowing fungus.

When you’re done, exit through the slide in the upper-right corner and return to Lili. Return to Lili for a +1 Rank and the ‘A Fungus Among Us‘ achievement. That’s a lot of work for a simple reward.

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