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Sometimes, even the best brains need a little extra help in Psychonauts 2. In this adventure-platformer, you’ll slip into people’s minds to help them beat their personal demons using an array of psychic powers. Normally, that isn’t too difficult — but there are a few stumbling blocks that might just stump Agent Raz on his adventures. That’s why we’ve put together a list of puzzles and solutions for you to peruse, printed in order from the early going to the late-game.

The puzzles aren’t exactly complex. They’re just so rare you might not know what to do, and the game doesn’t always train you to understand the main mechanics at play. If you don’t understand how to fix the funicular, where to find a spare brain for Nick, or how to get the Senior League Card, we’ve got answers for those questions and much more.

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How To Beat The Pillinko Machine

When you arrive in Hollis’ Hotstreak, you’ll need to enter three gambling games and win. The trickiest is the Pillinko Machine, which is impossible to beat on the first try. After trying it once, more characters will spawn. Talking to all three will cause word bubbles to appear — you need to use Mental Connection to connect the right thoughts.

  • Talk to the Nurse, the Old Patient, and the Young Patient to spawn all the thought bubbles you can travel on with Mental Connection.
  • Connect Wisdom – Decisions, then connect Judgement – Quitting. Then you’ll be able to enter the rigging Pillinko machine. Reach the end of the platforming section and use the Mental Connection to fix the connection.

Play another round of Pillinko (talk to the NPC at the bar) then land the pill into the stomach. You’ll get one more Gazillion Coin.

How To Fix The Funicular

The Funicular in the Questionable Area is busted — to get it working again, you need to plug in three mission gears. Use Telekinesis to pick up the gear, then get close to the engine to stick the gear on.

  • Gear #1: Right at the base of the engine.
  • Gear #2: Found on the road to the right, on the path with the public restroom.
  • Gear #3: To the left of the funicular platform, next to the archways.

Where To Get A Brain For Nick

Before you can get into Mail Office, you’ll need to provide an extra brain for Nick. To do that, you need to reach the Quarry and visit Otto’s Lab.

  • In Otto’s Lab, go to the brain storage in the back. Use the machine, then scroll down to the last brain on the list. The unknown brain is perfect. Select it and take it back to Nick.

Getting the brain will unlock a new level you’ll need to complete to access the office.

Where To Get The Senior League Card

Before you can enter the Bowling Alley, you’ll need the Senior League Card. To get it, access the Quarry.

  • Go to the Psychoisolation building in the back-left of the Quarry. Going upstairs and helping Compton by completing his level will give you access to the Senior League Card.

You’ll have to visit the Forgotten Forest before you can unlock the level, but once that’s done, you’ll be able to enter the Bowling Alley and start Ford’s next level.

How To Solve The Typewriter Puzzle

In the Cruller’s Correspondence level, you need to input a code in the typewriter. After finding all four letters, you need to stomp a name into the typewriter.

  • Type the word LUCY into the typewriter.

If you type the wrong word, interact with the knob on the left to reset.

How To Survive The Bees

In the final hub, Green Needle Gulch, your objective is blocked up by bees and vines. To clear the vines, you just need to travel to the green house on the right path and complete the brain level. To clear the bees, you need to reach the bee keeper — but the bees will stick Raz before he can reach the house!

  • To get through the bees, use telekinesis on the smoker. There’s a smoker attached to a pole near the entrance.

Make sure to hold onto the smoker! The smoke will keep the bees away, and allow you to reach the beekeeper.

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