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Make a statement and unlock alternate costumes for Raz in Psychonauts 2. There are four outfits total you can swap between, but this feature is only available after you’ve completed the game. You’ll be able to change into your classic costume from Psychonauts 1, or put on one of the various suits you’ll briefly wear as part of the story in the sequel. Swapping between them is easy, and we’ll show off all the extra costumes in the full guide below.

Psychonauts 2 is an endlessly creative platformer about a psychic spy that can explore mental landscapes, able to unravel the traumas and troubles of each person by facing off against personifications of fear, regret, loneliness, and more. Each mental landscape is so imaginative, we just want to see more of them. Sometimes you’ll be rolling around a germ-infested city. Sometimes you’ll be rowing around an ocean of desperation, or exploring a labyrinth made out of dental tools. They’re all great, and if you’re going to revisit the levels to get all the collectibles you missed, why not switch up your clothes for a little visual variety?

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How To Unlock Bonus Outfits | Alternate Costumes Guide

To unlock alternate costumes, you need to complete the Scavenger Hunt optional mission, then return to Norma in the Intern Wing. After bringing back the quest, you’ll give you your clothes.

To change outfits, go to the restroom door in the Noodle Bowl. There are four outfits.

  • Psychonaut Uniform: Starting outfit.
  • Tried And True: Your campground outfit from the first game.
  • Circus Skivvies: The striped circus underwear Raz briefly wears.
  • Business Suit: The suit Raz wears during the Dr. Loboto construct.

Each outfit appears (usually briefly) in the story, but now you can wear them permanently! The classic camper outfit is a good one for players nostalgic for the first game, but I do like the little business suit too. Heck, you can pick the circus skivvies if you want, I’m not gonna judge.

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