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The third level of Psychonauts 2 takes you to the Hospital / Casino mind of Professor Forsythe. This is the first open-ended level, letting you explore various rooms to reach the end-goal awaiting you in the High Roller’s Club. To get inside, you need to explore the entire casino and complete three puzzling tasks. If you’re struggling to reach the goal of Hollis’ Hot Streak, this is how to get rich when the game is rigged against you.

To unlock the final door in Hollis’ Hot Streak, you’ll need to find three coins. These coins are rewards for winning three separate gambling challenges — too bad all the games are stacked against you. You’ll have to realign thoughts to fix each game, and eventually help Hollis herself. Raz made a big, bad decision when he changed the thoughts of others, and now its time to put things right.

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How To Gain Access To The High Roller’s Club

To enter the High Roller’s Club, Raz needs to collect three Gazillion Dollar Coins.

Gazillion Coin #1: From the Morgue, enter the Maternity door and talk to the skeleton couple with the icon above her head. Offer to help and they’ll offer you the Gazillion Dollars you need.

  • Use the Mental Connections to enter the rigged wheel.
  • Go through the platforming section and use Mental Connection on the final thought balloon to get your money reward.

Gazillion Coin #2: Travel to the Pharmacy and talk to the NPC at the bar. You’ll play a game of Pillinnko. No matter what you do, you’ll fail the first run. Its impossible.

  • Talk to the Nurse, the Old Patient, and the Young Patient to spawn all the thought bubbles you can travel on with Mental Connection.
  • Connect Wisdom – Decisions, then connect Judgement – Quitting. Then you’ll be able to enter the rigging Pillinko machine. Reach the end of the platforming section and use the Mental Connection to fix the connection.
  • Play another round of Pillinko (talk to the NPC at the bar) then land the pill into the stomach. You’ll get one more Gazillion Coin.

Gazillion Coin #3: Enter Cardiology, and talk to the nurse at the bar to make a bet. Select HEART.

  • You’ll lose. The door to the backroom will open. Go back and talk to the Heart racer, and select “What if I raced for you?”
  • Use the Mental Connections that appear to enter the platforming area.
  • Return and offer to run the race in Heart’s place. Then make a bet on Heart with the nurse — you’ll have to jump the gaps! Land on the slides to speed up, and don’t forget you can double-jump. Win the race and you’ll get the final coin.

With all three coins, now you can enter the High Roller’s Club. The boss of the level awaits.

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