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At the start of Psychonauts 2, you’re limited to just 100 psitanium — basically, this game’s crystallized version of currency. 100 isn’t very much, and you won’t be able to buy any of the best pins with a paltry amount like that. One of the first things you should do is upgrade your psitanium wallet so you can carry 1,000 cash. Otherwise you’ll fill up fast and you’ll miss out on tons of valuable psitanium drops.

You can easily save up to buy the upgrade very early in the game. Once you reach the Motherlobe, you’re free to explore the area. Take some time to fully explore and collect lots of cash — if you’re really patient, its actually possible to save up more than 1,000 psitanium by farming the purple psitanium growth spots around the map. These are always located in the brush, and they drop about 12-15~ psitanium in three chunks. Thankfully, you only need to collect 75 to unlock this valuable upgrade.

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The Otto-Matic sells PSI pouches to increase your capacity.

  • Psifold Wallet: Costs 75. Lets you carry 1,000 cash.
  • Mind’s Eyelets: Costs 75. Store more PSI pops.
  • Fluff Pockets: Costs 75: Store more Dream Puffs.

To make 100 bucks easily, look for purple glowing spots in any shrubbery in the Motherlobe. Also, look for Clairvoyance icons above NPCs or rats. When you use it on these special NPCs, they might have a point. Direct their vision to the pointer and interact with the glowing spot to get a huge money reward.

Later, you’ll be able to store 10,000 psitanium. More than you’ll ever need!

  • Astral Wallet: Costs 750. Store 10,000 cash.

And in addition, you can unlock special pins that give you double psitanium for each pickup, or spawn psitanium while playing. There are plenty of ways to earn easy cash, but that double psitanium pin is one of the best if you’re aiming to purchase everything in the game.

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