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Rainbow Six Extraction Allegedly Had a Single-Player Campaign At One Point – Gameranx


A new leak claims that one of the casualties of the pandemic was a single-player campaign for the upcoming PvE shooter, Rainbow Six Extraction. While we always encourage users to take such details with a grain of salt, it’s fun to speculate what kind of single-player story the game could have had if indeed this news is legitimate. Other details shown in the leak include the ridiculous prices of the in-game cosmetics — as in, even more ridiculous than usual.

The leak comes from BigfryTV, who cites early QA testers for the information while showing some early footage of the game. According to BigfryTV’s information, the game was originally intended to be a smaller experience but was pumped full of money by Ubisoft, who wanted the game to have all the bells and whistles, including a single-player campaign. When the pandemic came, the game’s development had to be trimmed, and one of the things cut was the single-player campaign.

Perhaps the more shocking reveal in the footage shown by BigfryTV is the in-game store prices. While there’s a chance the footage no longer reflects the finished game, if it’s anywhere near close, it’s an eye-opener. Players can purchase 1100 units of currency for $9.99, and individual operator skins cost 1000 units, with bundles of two costing 1200 units. That’s an absurd amount of money to charge for in-game cosmetics.

Grain of salt warning, etc. Considering Extraction has been delayed already just so the developers can finish the multiplayer portion of the game, it might be for the best that a single-player campaign was cut from the final product. There’s always the chance it can be added in a future content update if that’s really something that belongs in the game. But we have to hope those prices aren’t in the final game because that’s just silly.


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