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Ubisoft revealed more details about its upcoming PvE co-op title, Rainbow Six: Extraction in a big gameplay trailer over the weekend. We now know more about the game, and Ubisoft is promising that everything in the 3-player matches will be procedurally generated, and “no incursion is ever the same. Dynamic variables change every time you enter a map, so you’ll need strong team strategy and communication to make it out alive.”

The first detail revealed in the trailer was how many Operators would be available to play in the game at launch: 18, as it turns out. Each has abilities and customization options, with over 800 squad combinations possible at launch. There will also be 12 maps at launch that will be “ever-evolving” and each will be at least three times larger than the maps in Siege. Every map will have modifiers that change with each playthrough.

There will also be 13 mission types, including Sabotage, Decontamination, and MIA (which is basically fallen squadmate retrieval. The rest of the video showed off various gadgets, weapons, and enemy types that players can expect to see in the game. It’s basically everything that we wanted to see about Extraction but hadn’t already. It looks like it’ll be a solid game, but of course, we won’t know that for sure until we get our hands on it and play some of these many missions.

Given that Extraction has already been delayed, one can only hope that this trailer and its wealth of information means that development is still on track. 2021 has been lousy with game delays, and it wouldn’t be completely out of the question for a game to be pushed back more than once. The trailers boasted a deep progression system and new Rainbow Six lore, so it might be something that series’ fans will have to play.


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