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Rainbow Six Siege players are getting a small taste of what to expect when Rainbow Six Extraction releases. Formally known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, the game has players battling off an alien parasite which is a significant change for this franchise. However, we’re going to be waiting a bit longer for Rainbow Six Extraction to release. Now players of Rainbow Six Siege can play a game mode inspired by the upcoming video game.

This game mode kicks off today and will be around until August 24, 2021. It’s featured in the Containment event, and players will be using a select few operators as they attempt to clear out an infected nest. Overall, players can expect an uphill battle as they have to go against a swarm of enemies that will be brutal to deal with.

As mentioned, you have a long time to play through this game mode. Practically the entire month will allow players to go through the Containment event. More importantly, this will be a game mode that everyone can try out if you don’t have a copy of this game. It looks like Ubisoft is holding a limited event that allows players to go through this game for free. Although, it’s only for a few days. Free play for this game will start on August 13 and will last until August 15.

Meanwhile, those of you who want to play Rainbow Six Extraction will need to wait for its release sometime at the beginning of 2022. In other related news to Rainbow Six Siege, it’s been noted that the creative director, Leroy Athanassoff, doesn’t want to see a sequel happen. Instead, the developers feel that they can continue to make a thrilling gameplay experience by providing a series of updates. 


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