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The Red Dead Redemption franchise is a massive one and fans worldwide have enjoyed the narrative and incredibly detailed world crafted up from the Rockstar studios. This game was first mocked by fans feeling that Red Dead Redemption couldn’t match the hype and success of Grand Theft Auto. Instead, it would be a subpar project, but after the game’s initial release, things changed. Fans enjoyed this rough and rugged outlaw world we were tossed into.

Players were first taking the role of John Marston as he attempted to get his family back from a ruthless government official. While the game was released back in 2010, we did receive one DLC to give fans a bit of a zombie supernatural storyline to complete. Then the success of Grand Theft Auto V changed things. DLC was out and online gameplay and content were in. We didn’t receive any single-player storyline DLC for Grand Theft Auto V as the success of Grand Theft Auto Online had developers expressing an interest in going through content made specifically for multiplayer.

That stayed true with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a prequel to the previous installment. We didn’t receive any DLC expansions, but fans thoroughly enjoyed the massive open-world, story, and content that was put into the game originally. There are small little details that fans are still finding out about today. However, just like Grand Theft Auto Online, the additional content released was aimed for an online multiplayer component. Fortunately, some modders are stepping in to provide more content.

In fact, one modder is getting some attention online for providing a bit of a pirate-theme spin on the gameplay. This modder goes by Devilbringer Games and they added some reshading with other graphical improvements to show Red Dead Redemption 2 off. They have even changed up the character to sport a pirate look. However, don’t expect any actual storyline or narrative to match this. Instead, it looks like this is purely just for a visual demo, but that doesn’t stop some fans wondering just what a pirate-themed game could look like in Red Dead Redemption 2 within the island of Guarma area. 

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