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There is a massive following for the Red Dead Redemption franchise. After we received the latest installment, which acted as a prequel, fans had a new thrilling narrative. Rockstar Games dialed everything up. We had more characters, locations, random events, and missions to take on. However, it looks like the game was initially a bit larger than what fans received at launch. A new datamine has come out that unveils over ten characters that were cut from the game.

This datamine has fourteen characters in total that were cut. Fortunately, the files show off the character models, and the dataminer also has some details about the NPCs. These characters range from male and female, along with their purpose within the world. Some are connected to the narrative of certain characters we met throughout the campaign. For instance, one of those is Mrs. Fellowes, the wife of Hector Fellowes.

Meanwhile, others in this datamine seemingly would have been its mission. One of those is Doc Wormwood, which you can see a bit of in Red Dead Redemption 2. While the character is not present within the campaign, you can find his wanted posters. Who knows if Rockstar Games would have had players battle against this character or aid him in his escape from the law. Additionally, it looks like there might have been some little extra content added into the game, such as a circus.

We get some nods to a circus coming into different towns through circus wagons. Although, it might have been something you might have been able to sit in and watch play out. There is a character model of an acrobat performer. We don’t have any names attached to the character, but it does seem like there was some additional circus staff that Rockstar Games was toying with for Red Dead Redemption 2.


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