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Rockstar Games has undoubtedly slowed down over the years when it comes to releasing video game installments. Instead, the focus has shifted to supporting games longer with online component updates. However, their last major installment release was Red Dead Redemption 2. We’re once again tossed into the rough and rugged outlaw life. We watch our protagonist Arthur Morgan meet exciting characters throughout the journey, partake in wild schemes, and make some difficult decisions.

Arthur Morgan instantly became a fan favorite which was not an easy feat. The previous installment, Red Dead Redemption, had John Marston held high on the totem pole for so many fans. We’re sure that there was plenty of work to create Arthur Morgan, just like with the rest cast of characters in this game. We might not get a look into the creation process, but fans are taking notice of a presentation slide from GDC 2021 that might feature an early character creation of Arthur.

GDC 2021 finally has the slides through a PDF. Tobias Kleanthous, a lead AI and gameplay programmer for Rockstar Games, held a presentation if you missed the event. In the presentation, the developer went on to discuss the horse creations in Red Dead Redemption 2. What fans are taking notice of now is that one panel seemingly shows an alternative Arthur Morgan design.

Unfortunately, nothing was mentioned during the presentation about this character, but they look pretty similar with the same outfit attire. You could make the argument that this was just something crafted up for this panel, but others are suggesting that this was a character design of Arthur Morgan, which Rockstar Games ultimately improved on. Players can view the full panel slides from the GDC Vault.


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