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There was plenty of hype surrounding the big PlayStation Showcase event last week. The forty-minute showcase offered a look at some of the upcoming video game projects Sony’s PlayStation 5 console platform will feature. Unfortunately, however, there was also plenty of video games absent from this event. While fans had likely hoped a few IPs would make an appearance that didn’t get any highlights, there are some easter eggs to different IPs featured within the stream.

During the opening video of the PlayStation Showcase, fans spotted some easter eggs online. For instance, one of the big easter eggs fans pointed out was a symbol based around the Sly Cooper franchise. What made that significant was leading up to the showcase, there were rumors of Sly Cooper making a big return. While the game series didn’t get highlighted, fans noted the symbol from the initial PlayStation Showcase trailer.

Now fans have noticed a symbol based around the Resident Evil 4 installment. We just got through Resident Evil Village, and we know that DLC is in the works. However, there’s a ton of attention surrounding Resident Evil 4. After the successful remakes of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 3, fans are eyeing the remake announcement of Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, outside of a past Capcom data leak.

While the official remake has yet to come out, a Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas parasite symbol is within the trailer. You can spot it within the video at 1:46. This is another catch from fans, and there’s potentially plenty of other little symbols from past franchises and hyped-up IPs scattered throughout the trailer.


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