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The Resident Evil franchise has been around for ages now. Over the years, we’ve seen new mainline installments and a slew of spin-offs. However, what we see now as of late are remakes. After the franchise moved away from survival horror to more action-based combat, Capcom decided to make a change. Resident Evil 7 was the start of bringing the IP back to its roots. Following after was remakes to those earlier installments as well.

Today we’re finding out that another remake might be in the works. Is Capcom teasing a Resident Evil 4 remake through their social media? This was only a slight tease as it doesn’t give anything away. The tweet says “4 itchy tasty” which has fans speculating. Fans are wondering if we’re getting close to an actual remake of the Resident Evil 4 announcement. After all, speculation by the fan base community suggests that we’re bound to receive this remake sooner or later.

Capcom is sticking with this remake trend if this tease does refer to Resident Evil 4. Again, we had a thrilling installment that changed up the gameplay quite a bit. The movement system was refined, and we got over-the-shoulder gunplay. Being one of the biggest gems for the franchise, it’s likely quite a a title that is closely being monitored by the staff to ensure that this installment remake delivers.

Resident Evil 4 remake might be in development but other content from the IP are in the works. For instance, Resident Evil Re:Verse is still in development. This was a multiplayer title that was originally coming out alongside Resident Evil Village. Regarding Resident Evil Village, fans are still waiting to hear about the potential DLC coming out for this installment.


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