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It looks like a prominent leaker is suggesting Jill Valentine is making a return. It’s been a good little while since we last saw Jill Valentine in a new installment. Instead, the last we saw her was in the Resident Evil 3 remake. However, if this new rumor proves accurate, then that’s going to change. We might see Jill Valentine make a return for a significant role. According to the rumors, Jill Valentine could show up in Resident Evil 9. That particular installment should also close out the latest trilogy of video games for the Resident Evil franchise. Since Resident Evil 7 we have been mainly following Ethan Winter’s story.

Resident Evil Village recently launched into the marketplace. While the narrative continued from Resident Evil 7, it’s not necessary to play it. Fortunately, Capcom has supplied a recap video to catch players up with the game narrative. At the end of Resident Evil Village, we’re left with a few different cliffhangers.

I won’t be spoiling anything here in case you haven’t played the game just yet. Still, it has left some fans wondering if there is room to see other iconic past protagonist characters to make a return. While Chris Redfield has shown up for both Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village, Jill Valentine may be making her grand return next. This comes from an industry insider that has a credible record for the Resident Evil franchise. The industry insider Dusk Golem took to Discord and unveiled that they have heard Jill Valentine is making a return.

What is uncertain at this point is if Jill Valentine is making a return in Resident Evil 9 or through another rumored video game installment for the Resident Evil IP. Whatever the case, it’s left plenty of fans eagerly awaiting its grand reveal. But we’re likely a few years away from that. As mentioned, Resident Evil Village just came to the marketplace, so it might be a while before Capcom is ready to unveil their next mainline installment.


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