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Bad news for those who were hoping to finally have a chance to play the multiplayer Resident Evil game, Resident Evil Re:Verse. The game has been delayed again, this time to a vague date in 2022. This marks the second time the game has been delayed, and now the company won’t give anything other than the broadest new release window. You hate to see it.

Capcom announced the delay on Twitter today, saying, “The previously announced July 2021 launch of Resident Evil Re:Verse is being moved to 2022 so that the team can continue working to deliver a smooth gameplay experience. We will share updated launch details at a later time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

Capcom also said in a follow-up tweet that users who got a free copy of Re:Verse with the purchase of Village should “keep track of the included Resident Evil Re:Verse download code or add it to your account now so that you are ready to play when the game launches next year.” The game had beta tests earlier this year, and the reception was tepid at best, given that this single- or two-player franchise is an odd candidate for a frenetic multiplayer mode.

According to the announcement above, though Re: Verse was slated for a vague date of “Summer 2021,” it was intended to come out this month. This was after it was delayed once before from May 2021. It begs the question of what might have gone wrong with the game for it to be delayed so suddenly from the forthcoming release date, not to mention why it never received an exact release date despite ostensibly being so close to release. There’s no further word from Capcom on just when in 2022 we can expect to see this game.

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