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When it comes to Capcom, they have crafted up some incredible video game franchises. Among their accolades the studio gave fans an iconic survival horror franchise with Resident Evil. The video game franchise blew up after the first installment released on the original PlayStation. Now years later, the IP still thrives within the video game industry. Its fandom has allowed the IP to hit other entertainment mediums. One of which was a blockbuster movie series.

The original Resident Evil movie franchise has a following. However, the director behind Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City has revealed why the franchise is getting rebooted. Director Johannes Roberts recently spoke with IGN and explained the reboot. According to Johannes Roberts, the original movie was different than the video game franchise as fans knew it. While Johannes enjoyed the first movie and felt that the new character and direction were unique, it’s not the Resident Evil source material that some fans were hoping to see adapted.

Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City will change that. We know that the movie is all about Raccoon City during the virus outbreak. As a result, we’ll see the film adapt both the first and second Resident Evil video games. That should be quite the narrative to cover, but again, it looks like Johannes Roberts wants to give a narrative rather than big action sequences. While there are action moments in the video game franchise, the film is more horror and atmospheric.

It might be an unsettling watch for some, but fans of the franchise will likely be itching to sit in on the new movie. Recently, we got the first images from the film with various characters present. Meanwhile, Resident Evil fans have the latest installment of the franchise to enjoy right now, Resident Evil Village. Likewise, there’s the Netflix animated series available called Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. Currently, Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City is set to release on November 24, 2021.


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