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Grand Theft Auto Online gets a new, major update today called Los Santos Tuners. This car-focused update will add a new social space to Los Santos, as well as new cars, new challenges, and other new perks. You’ll also be able to buy new auto shops, which will unlock special heist-like missions for players.

The biggest addition to the world in this update is the LS Car Meet, a non-combat social space of the game where players can show off their cars, test cars on a private track, and watch other users mod their cars. It’s all vehicles all the time in this new update. You’ll have to pay to join the Car Meet, but you can also join special challenges. 

Players will also be able to buy auto shop properties, which give them “a showroom-quality, 10-car garage, a modification bay for your personal vehicles and for friends, access to Exotic Exports…” The latter is a list of cars that can be found around the city for which players will receive a reward. The auto shops are also the place where players can run Contracts. Says Rockstar: “Contracts bring access to the big jobs: take on the IAA, Merryweather, and more, each consisting of Planning Works and final jobs, and all are playable solo or with a team of up to three other players.”

Players will also get access to several new cars with this update, with 10 coming today and seven more coming throughout the summer. Rockstar adds that some upgrades to the cars will be exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S: “Plus, when GTA Online launches on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year, select vehicles will be upgradable with all new speed improvements and more. These special upgrades will be available only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of Grand Theft Auto V.”

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