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Rumor Suggests PUBG Devs Wants To Go F2P – Gameranx


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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or better known as PUBG, might be going free-to-play. This is coming from a rumor circulating online. The popular battle royale game has been around for several years. However, there’s been an ongoing flood of free battle royale games hitting the marketplace regularly. So it would make sense that PUBG can continue to thrive by allowing even more players to jump into the video game.

This is not the first time we have seen PUBG go F2P. There was a PUBG Lite edition that was free but had since been taken down. Now an insider known as PlayerIGN on Twitter has claimed that the game is looking to go free-to-play. The rumor goes on to suggest the decision will happen after free week of gameplay. If enough players log online, it might persuade developers to change their game model up.

Of course, with that said, we don’t know if there is a free week of gameplay coming. While it’s relatively common for premium competitive video games to offer a free week or weekend of gameplay, there haven’t been any announcements for PUBG. If the development team does come out and say that there is a free week of PUBG coming within August, then that would lend credibility to the tweet by PlayerIGN. So right now, it’s purely a waiting game to see just if PUBG developers offer any insight into what they have planned in August of 2021.

We’re certainly interested in seeing just how many players jump into the game again if it goes free-to-play. Although, this is not the only thing coming out in the PUBG universe with plenty of players’ interest. While PUBG is a competitive battle royale game, you might recall the announcement of The Callisto Protocol. This is an upcoming survival horror game from the development team Striking Distance Studios. While we don’t have too many details about the game, we know that it will occur in the same universe as PUBG.


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