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XSEED Games has announced the “Earthmate Edition” for Rune Factory 5 in North America. Pre-orders will open soon through XSEED Games Store and participating retailers.

The Earthmate Edition of Rune Factory 5 will cost $79.99 and include the following:

  • A custom outer box featuring artwork from series illustrator Minako Iwasaki.
  • A physical copy of Rune Factory 5 for Switch in an exclusive SteelBook case
  • Large 5.8 inches-by-8.2 inches softcover artbook with over 70 pages of character illustrations, concept art, and more.
  • “Melodies of Norad” soundtrack CD featuring 15 songs specially selected from across the entire Rune Factory series.
  • 13 exclusive in-game costumes based on the marriage candidates (plus Dolce’s ghostly companion Pico) from Rune Factory.

The standard edition will cost $59.99, while a Digital Deluxe Edition including the same 13 in-game costumes from the Earthmate Edition will also be available for $69.99.

Here is an overview of the game, via XSEED Games:


Set off on a grand adventure in a fantasy world with the latest entry in the Rune Factory simulation RPG series. After losing their memory, the hero lands in a small town blessed by nature. There, they are recruited into an organization of peacekeeping rangers known as SEED, and their new life begins. In addition to their normal duties of helping villagers, investigating rune-related mysteries, and rounding up rowdy monsters, leisure activities bring an equal amount of excitement. Whether spending time growing crops on a dragon’s back, embarking on fishing expeditions, prospecting the mountains for ore, or participating in local festivals, there are countless ways for Earthmates to relax after a hard day of adventuring.

Relationships that players foster with townsfolk provide additional depth to combat with brand-new link attacks, or at home with the newly introduced co-op cooking feature. As players grow closer to the twelve eligible marriage candidates and learn more about them through unique storylines, they can propose to their true love to begin a family of their own. Love knows no boundaries, and for the first time in the series Earthmates can choose any of the twelve eligible marriage candidates regardless of gender. The stage is set, and the curtain rises on an exciting new adventure in Rune Factory 5!

Key Features

  • Adventure Awaits – Saddle a monster mount and head out into the vast, vibrant wilderness to explore tranquil forests, ancient ruins, and even the inside of a volcano!
  • Gardener Guardian – Choose from seven weapon types and fight alongside up to three companions, then swap to farm tools to grow a wide variety of crops with monster farmhands.
  • Never A Dull Moment – Compete in cooking, crafting, and fishing contests or invite a sweetheart to join you for stargazing and flower-viewing during one of Rigbarth’s many seasonal festivals.
  • Find Your Special Someone – Date one of twelve eligible marriage candidates, learn more about them by completing their unique storyline, then pop the question and start a family!

Rune Factory 5 launched for Switch in Japan on May 20, and is due out on March 22, 2022 in North America and March 25 in Europe.

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