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The next thrilling installment to the Saints Row franchise is coming next year. Developed to be a reboot for the series, we’re not tossed right into a powerful and beloved gang in this game. Instead, this is the start of a gang trying to make moves in the American southwest city of Santo Illeso. It’s a difficult task moving up in gang life as this city already has dominant gangs making sure their claims are not taken over.

When the reboot was unveiled, it didn’t have the best reception. Fans wanted a new installment with some of the characters we’ve come to know over the past installments. Instead, we’re getting a twist of the franchise. While some players might have written the game off, others could be holding on to see how the game turns out when it finally hits the marketplace. Regardless, we have seen some footage so far with this title, and now new gameplay footage was showcased exclusively on Game Informer.

The publication was provided with a short snippet of gameplay which is still in development. Therefore, what we see in the video is not something that is finalized. You can easily tell that as well since there seem to be some missing audio tracks. Overall, the video highlights some of the areas of Santo Ileso, which you can view above. We get a look at the outskirts along with being closer into the gritty city.

We’re bound to see more gameplay footage for Saints Row later on within the year. After all, the developers over at Volition are trying to get this game out into the marketplace on February 25, 2022. When Saints Row launches, players can pick up a copy for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and lastly, the Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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