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We might be getting a Saints Row reboot video game announcement at Gamescom this year. We already knew a Saints Row game is in the works. THQ Nordic revealed the game during a 2019 investors earning call. Still, we haven’t seen this game quite yet. Now it looks like that IP is actually getting a reboot. The image comes from industry leader Geoff Keighley who is hyping the upcoming Gamescom event. It’s looking like we won’t be getting a continuation to the franchise after the 2013 Saints Row IV release.

The Saints Row franchise is often compared to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. While it’s centered around crime and mayhem, it’s far wackier. Saints Row is over-the-top, and it gained quite the following. However, similar to the Grand Theft Auto franchise, we haven’t seen a new mainline entry to the series since 2013. Saints Row IV launched, where players have to battle against an alien invasion that hits Earth. Now that it’s been quite a few years since the franchise started in 2006, Volition may be giving the IP a new spin.

We’re uncertain just what the reboot will entail. After all, the only information we have is the rebooting image. Whatever the case ends up being, we’re bound to find when the Gamescom Opening Night Live stream kicks off. Fans can tune into the stream this coming week on Wednesday at 2 PM ET. During the stream, not only will we likely get some details on the Saints Row reboot, but other new video game announcements as well.

For now, it should be interesting to see just if the reboot changes anything up from the franchise. Saints Row has a following that’s expecting some action-packed and crime-filled gameplay. Volition also has the power of the latest-generation console platforms, so we’re certainly eager to see what this studio has achieved.


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