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The new Saints Row game will apparently have at least three expansions after its launch, according to its listing on the Epic Games Store. We don’t know anything else about these expansions, except that they exist and they will add new missions and content to the game. It’s set to launch on February 25, 2022, and presumably, the expansions will be released later in the year.

The blurb on the game’s page on the Epic Games Store reads: “The Gold Edition gives you the full experience of the main game, combined with three future game expansions coming post-release. The Expansion Pass delivers new missions and gameplay across three distinct expansions, each adding their own content to discover within the world of Santo Ileso.” The expansion pass is available with the Gold and Platinum Editions of the game.

The previous games in the series have had some expansions: The fourth game, in particular, had a Christmas-themed expansion that was pretty bananas, as well a cobbled-together expansion of partially-finished assets that included a ride on the back of a velociraptor. So I have high hopes for the expansion passes of this new reboot. The first trailer wasn’t exactly promising as far as humor went, so hopefully, the game really leans into ridiculousness.

Part of me hopes that the Third Street Saints will somehow appear in the expansion packs as an homage to the previous games. That seems like exactly the kind of fourth-wall-breaking silliness the Saints would get up to. However, it’s not likely to happen, as at least one of the voice actors — Daniel Dae Kim, who voiced Johnny Gat — said that he was not asked to reprise his role. It sucks, but the previous version of the game did end the perfect setup for a reboot, so this makes some sense.


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