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Get free rewards in Scarlet Nexus every week with these hidden codes. Scarlet Nexus isn’t just a video game. There’s an anime airing right alongside the game’s release, and there are secret passwords in each episode. For inputting the codes, you’ll earn special rewards like extra in-game cash, or unique items — really it can be anything, and we all love free stuff, so we’re going to collect all the codes released so far and update the article with more codes in the future. There’s an entire season of the anime airing, with one hidden code (and one reward) per episode. It’s going to be a few weeks, but let’s complete the list and get all the codes.

Scarlet Nexus is a twisty anime action-RPG. Playing as one of two protagonists in a strange future where humanity battles terrifying creatures called Others, you’ll forge friendships with your team and unravel a dark story along the way, using powerful special abilities to destroy your enemies and complete missions for your shadowy organization. In a lot of ways, this is a darker Astral Chain. If you can handle the long Visual Novel sequences, this is an anime game that’s well worth your time.

Musubi’s Secret Passwords List

Hidden Codes can be found in the Scarlet Nexus anime airing right now — finding the codes and inputting them correctly will give you special rewards. Codes are case sensitive and more codes will appear as episodes are released.

We’ll continue to update this article with more codes as they appear.

  • Starter Password: CODE – Reward: $1000
  • Episode 1 Password: Such a liar – Reward: Poster Vision [Yuito] x1
  • Episode 2 Password: tell the truth
  • Episode 3 Password: RUMoR

To redeem codes, you need to progress in the story until you get a message from Musubi. She’ll test you with a code that’s already in the text of her e-mail. Input the first code to get started, and you’ll be able to input the rest of the codes immediately. You don’t need to wait or actually watch the anime — just make sure you input the code exactly as it is written above.

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