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Fans of the Sherlock Holmes franchise will be delighted to know there’s now a release date for the next game. Developed under Frogwares, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will be available in the marketplace on November 16, 2021. Fortunately for fans, this game wasn’t pushed out of 2021. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, several studios were forced into delaying their game a bit longer than initially expected.

That’s not the case for the upcoming Sherlock Holmes title, which is an origin story for the beloved character. With Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, we’ll get to follow the iconic detective character for his first big case. This case is a personal one as Sherlock will need to figure out who is responsible for the death of his mother. Just as before, players will closely examine the different areas for clues, solve puzzles, and interact with characters. Players will also find that this is set to be an open-world game, so you’ll have plenty of areas to explore and even side quests to take on.

Being that this is a younger Sherlock Holmes, you won’t find his faithful companion by his side, Watson. Instead, this will be a bit of a different take on the franchise since we’re dealing with a younger protagonist. While there is the main quest, you can expect a lengthy gameplay experience. It’s been noted in the past by Frogwares that there are several quests available.

According to the past statements by Frogwares, there are five main quests and thirty side quests. If you focus on the main storylines, you should be able to complete the game in about fifteen hours. With that said, if you want to experience everything, then you’re looking at nearly fifty hours of gameplay content. As mentioned, Sherlock Holmes Chapter One will be available on November 16, 2021. When it launches, players will be able to pick the game up on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Meanwhile, a version of the game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be following sometime later within the year.


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