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Atlus introduced new the Bethel demons of each country and traversing the world of Da’at for Shin Megami Tensei V during the third volume of its Shin Megami Tensei V News program.


It’s time for the Shin Megami Tensei V News. This show from ATlus will showcase information regarding Shin Megami Tensei V, a Nintendo Switch-exclusive RPG launching November 11, 2021. I’m your host, Chiaki Matsuzawa.

Here are today’s Shin Megami Tensei V News topics.

  1. Bethel Demons of Each Country
  2. Traversing Da’at

Now, let’s begin the show.

We’ve introduced various human characters in Shin Megami Tensei V News Vol.1 and 2, but this time, we’ll be introducing some demons that are key to the story. Let’s take a look.

Bethel Demons of Each Country

In order to protect Tokyo, the protagonist agrees to cooperate with the Bethel Tokyo branch. And so, demons that work with Bethel in various countries appear before him.

  • Khonsu, from the Bethel Egypt Branch – “See for yourself the Creator’s ‘almighty’ handiwork.” “See how the earth’s inhabitants lament their injustices and buckle under misfortune.”
  • Vasuki, from the Bethel India Branch – “I shall be filling in as Lord Shiva’s proxy.”
  • Zeus, from the Bethel Greece Branch – “Bah! I’m sick of hearing babble from that winged wench and her automatons.”
  • Odin, from the Bethel North Europe Branch – “But wait, are you not a Nahobino? How could you have broken the shackles that bind us?”

As each of their ambitions and motives intertwine, What future awaits Tokyo and the protagonist…?

We’ve just taken a look at the demons from the Bethel branches in various countries. One can’t help but wonder, could they be friend, or foe?

Next, we have news regarding Da’at, an alternate Tokyo in ruins. Please take a look.

Traversing Da’at

Da’at, an alternate Tokyo in ruins. A vast world, its terrain varies widely depending on the area. There’s a variety of enemies and marvels to find, so be sure to explore every nook and cranny.

Leylines connect regions of Da’at, and can be used for features such as saving game data. By accessing them, you can also visit the Cadaver’s Hollow.

You can pay Macca to purchase items from the master of the Cadaver’s Hollow, Gustave, or sell him your loot.

—Gustave: “I’ll sell you what you crave, long as you’ve got the Macca!”

—Gustave: “Give yourself an edge against the demons, why don’t you?”

—Gustave: “So, what’ll it be?”

—Gustave: “See something you like, it’s all yours… For a small fee, of course.”

Gustave’s pawns, known as Miman, can be found hidden throughout Da’at.

—Miman: “What?! Gustave wants us to come home?”

—Miman: “I haven’t found any relics yet… but I guess I’ll go now.”

Find Miman, and report to Gustav to obtain rewards based on the number found.

—Gustave: “Keehee. Found a Miman already, have we? My thanks, friend.”

—Gustave: “I got just the thing to show my appreciation.”

—The protagonist gained Onmoraki’s Essence.

By finding Miman, you can also earn Glory, which is necessary in order to obtain Miracles.

—Miman: “Don’t forget to search inside buildings too.”

—The protagonist gained 5 Glory.

Be sure to explore every corner of Da’at to find them.

There are all sorts of things that can be found throughout Da’at, like useful hidden items.

—Vending Machines: You can find relics exchangeable for Macca.

—Treasure Boxes, Amalgams: You can find items, Essences, and Glory.

—Gained 2 Medicine.

Collect Magatsuhi scattered throughout Da’at to reap their various benefits.

—Green, Yellow, Red Magatsuhi: Heal HP, MP, and increase Magatsuhi Gauge.

You may also encounter giant, demon-like statues in your travels.

—Absorb the petrified demon’s magic? (Select: Yes)

They are remnants of the war that took place over a decade ago.

—Demon Statues: Touch them to increase your demons’ levels.

There’s a low chance that you could encounter special demons called Mitama.

—Protagonist: Zanma + 2

—Mitamas: Drops items exchangeable for money, EXP, and Glory.

—Cloth Mask, Cartridge Game Console

If you find one, try to defeat it right away.

Occasionally, you will encounter giant, red obstacles known as Abscesses. Powerful enemies will spawn around them, but if you manage to destroy the Abscess, you can obtain new Miracles.

—Protagonist: Aramasa

—Abscesses: Defeating them will not only clear your path, but also teach you new Miracles.

—Miracle Awakening: By destroying the Abscess, the Nabohino obtained Magatsuhi and awakened new Miracles!

When you encounter a demon called Amanozako, she will support you through your exploration of Da’at.

—Amanozako: “I’m Amanozako. Here’s hoping we can help each other out. Cool?”

—Amanozako became your quest navigator!

—Amanozako: “Hey, I sense something interesting over here! (Select: Check)”

—Amanozako: “See? See? You found something nice, right?”

Demons other than Amanozako can also join you as quest navigators.

—Gained 3 Revival Beads.

You can take on various requests from demons living in Da’at.

—Neko Shogun: “Would you mind sparing some Life Stones if you have any?”

—Neko Shogun: “I still need five more Life Stones.”

—Neko Shogun: “Would you mind sparing some Life Stones if you have any?”

—Accept quest ‘Bring Me Life Stones’? (Select: Yes)”

—Accepted quest ‘Bring Me Life Stones.’”

You can acquire useful items by completing these requests.

—Neko Shogun: “I wish you luck on your journey.”

—Completed quest ‘Bring Me Life Stones.’ (Select: Close)”

—The protagonist gained War God’s Amulet.

We encourage you to explore every corner of the grand world of Da’at.

That’s it for our segment on Da’at, the ruins of another Tokyo. I can’t wait to explore this vast world in detail.

User Questions

PSA: Here at Shin Megami Tensei V News, we are always accepting messages from our viewers. We’ve been highlighting a few of them at the bottom of the screen. For this next segment, I’d like to read one out loud.

We received the following message from @Giru-kun.

“I’m excited for the Shin Megami Tensei V release. If there’s an option like Safety mode or something, I’d be able to buy the game without worrying about the difficulty, so please take it into consideration.”

Thank you for your message. Allow me to explain the difficulty settings for this title.

There are three difficulty settings: Casual, Normal, and Hard. All three modes are available from the beginning of the game. Hard mode is filled with danger and many challenges, and can only be selected at the beginning of the game. You can switch to Casual or Normal modes during your playthrough, but you cannot switch back to Hard mode after doing so. We recommend it for players who aren’t satisfied by the challenge of standard gameplay.

In addition, an even more user-friendly Safety mode will be available from the release date as free downloadable content. Players have the option to choose the difficulty that suits them best.

Please continue to send along your messages and questions. >> Tweet your questions with the hashtag #AskSMT5! We look forward to hearing from you!

Related News

And now, we would like to share some related news. Let’s take a look.

  • All retail exclusive items revealed! Check them out through our purchase guide.
  • Osamurai-chan’s Shin Megami Tensei Challenge #1 is now on YouTube!
  • On September 30, a Shin Megami Tensei V article will be released in Weekly Famitsu!
  • On November 11, original Shin Megami Tensei V merchandise will go on sale!
  • A Shin Megami Tensei V Pop-up Shop at Tower Records!
  • On November 8, the “Shin Megami Tensei if… Campus Demonic Envoy” Reprinted Edition will go on sale!

That concludes our related announcements.


It is now time to say farewell.

All the information we shared today will be updated on our official website. Please be sure to check it out, along with our latest trailer.

Here at Shin Megami Tensei V News, we plan to periodically deliver the latest information about the game.

The next program is scheduled for late October. We will see you again then.

Until next time!

Shin Megami Tensei V is due out for Switch on November 11 in Japan and November 12 worldwide. Read more about the game here, here, and here. Watch the latest trailer here.

Watch the full program below.

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