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For Silent Hill fans, it’s been a long trek of waiting since 2012. The video game franchise hasn’t seen any new releases outside of slot machines. It looked like the Silent Hill franchise was dead and only a shell of its former self. Meanwhile, you have other notable franchises getting reboots, remakes, and new installments. After all, fans had to watch Resident Evil thrive with a series of remakes and brand new games that had the community beaming with joy. 

With that said, the franchise is no stranger to rumors. We’ve seen them all from supposedly industry insiders to clues that pointed towards a new game. Despite all these rumors, Konami has remained silent. Now a more credible source has made a report suggesting Silent Hill is making a significant return. VGC has reported that sources claimed multiple Silent Hill video games are in development. They are through external studios, one of which is a prominent Japanese development team. 

We don’t know just what the games will entail. They could be new installments, a reboot to the entire IP, or Konami offering their own set of remakes. As expected, the community is hesitant. We’ve heard many rumors in the past that the games were coming. However, none made it to the various industry media events. With that said, this announcement may turn things around because it comes from VGC, which is a rather credible media outlet.

One of the reasons that we haven’t seen these games is due to the pandemic. It’s an easy culprit to pinpoint delays for the video game industry. Several games were pushed back due to the pandemic, but if all goes according to plan, we could start seeing these games make a big reveal beginning next year, 2022. For now, it’s a waiting game for an official announcement to emerge online.


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