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The Silent Hill franchise is massive, yet it hasn’t had a significant installment release in years. This psychological horror series got its start from Konami back on the original PlayStation. The internal team continued to work on three additional mainline installments before Konami disbanded the group. Afterward, the IP was handed to western developers who failed to top the works that the original creators brought out. Now, it looks like the IP has been getting a once-over by a few different studios.

Last week, VGC reported Konami was bringing back several video game IPs into the market again. We were going to receive new installments for Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and Silent Hill. For Silent Hill, in particular, a few developers were working on games. Unfortunately, with the pandemic being an obstacle, none of these games could get shown off, but that should change in 2022. However, the source for VGC also explained that a prominent Japanese developer is working on a project.

Several studios are coming to mind, but some fans are convinced that this game being developed is from Kojima Productions. Hideo Kojima was at one time working on a new Silent Hill video game. The title was called Silent Hills and would star Norman Reedus. While the project was unveiled through the PT demo several years ago, Hideo and Konami had split. Now Hideo Kojima is working out of his studio, Kojima Productions, and has already delivered his first title, Death Stranding.

Rumors are starting to point at Hideo Kojima and Konami working on a partnership to bring back Silent Hills. It was clear that fans enjoyed the demo and wanted to see what Hideo could have done with the franchise if he had been given control. If this is true, we should see an announcement sometime in 2022. However, just as before, this is purely a rumor right now as nothing officially has been unveiled by Konami.


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