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When it comes to Skull & Bones, fans interested in the game have endured a longer than expected wait. Even the studio over at Ubisoft is dealing with this wait as well since development has restarted. There was plenty of excitement over a new pirate video game, and since its announcement several years ago, we’re still uncertain just when this game will arrive. Unfortunately, four years is a long time, and some fans might have felt that this game is quietly being killed off.

That’s not going to be the case if one industry insider proves to have accurate information. However, Tom Henderson is a credible online industry insider. The individual has made several claims that panned out to be accurate and often is a source fans tune into for news before official announcements. Recently, Tom Henderson brought up Ubisoft’s upcoming Skull & Bones. Sharing with his followers what is known from his sources, it looks like development is progressing well.

According to Tom, the main focus of the game is still ships. You’ll find that there are five different size ships, and they break down into more specific categories. While you have smaller to larger ships, what you opt to take out to sea is based on your goals. For instance, smaller ships have an easier time moving around in the ocean or going up rivers. The collection of tweets noted that players would be able to build their ships after obtaining the blueprints and acquiring the resources such as enough wood.

Afterward, the different ships you acquire are available for upgrades. It looks like that you’ll have various areas to improve the vessel. This could be from the amount of storage space you’ll have or the different weapons it will be equipped with. Tom Henderson also made note that there is third-person gameplay when players are walking around on land. However, according to the industry insider, this doesn’t feature any combat or parkour elements.

Instead, walking around is simply a means to interact with different NPCs. For now, we have to label this as just a rumor from the industry insider. While Tom Henderson has been credible in the past, we don’t have any official statements on Skull & Bones quite yet. In the meantime, we’ll continue to wait for new official details to make their way online.


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