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The Sony PlayStation name was big enough to warrant their attempt at a mobile device platform. With the immense success of the p, it was always an interesting topic to see just how Sony would improve on the handheld in a future iteration. There was a big problem to overcome and it was the fact that smartphones became more popular over the years and consumers were not as keen on the idea of having another device to carry around when they could easily kill time with their various smartphone application games. As a result, the PlayStation Vita had an uphill battle.

This handheld console was the successor for the PlayStation Portable and with a variety of improvements and features. However, there was a problem getting much of a push for this handheld out into the public’s hands. For a good period there, we saw the PlayStation Vita flourish as an indie system that provided countless indie titles on the go. However, when Nintendo announced and ultimately released their Nintendo Switch platform, the competition was able to provide gamers not only a portable device but one powerful enough to be a standard home console as well.

Overall, the PlayStation Vita is getting to a point where it’s time to end support. While the mainline AAA video games have long come to an end, there will likely be a few indie titles to enjoy. Likewise, there is the ability to enjoy this game platform’s digital marketplace which was originally set to be removed until fan push back caused Sony to postpone removing the digital storefront altogether. With that said, there was a feature that was recently killed off.

Those of you who enjoyed the PS Vita’s Messages application will find that it’s no longer available. The functionality has been removed from the PlayStation Vita hardware so you’ll have to use the messaging system through other Sony support platforms such as smartphone devices to the more modern consoles. It’s a feature that’s been confirmed to be on the way out prior so hopefully you were not reliant on the application feature, but again you can view your messages through systems like the latest PlayStation 5 platform.

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