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When Marvel’s Wolverine was announced at the PlayStation showcase, it seemed like a gimme that that was all Insomniac would announce. They couldn’t possibly be working on more than one big Marvel-based title at once, could they? Well, I’ve been proven wrong before and today was no exception because they’re making another Spider-Man game. Not only will both Peter and Miles be in it, but so will Spidey’s greatest nemesis, Venom. The game is launching exclusively on PS5 in 2023.

The trailer implies that both Miles and Peter will be playable, as they both have finishing moves in the trailer and get pretty much equal screentime. This would make sense as both have had their solo games and it wouldn’t make sense for only one of them to have center stage from now on. Insomniac calls it “their most epic single-player adventure yet.”

Venom appears at the very end of the trailer, and Insomniac has confirmed that he’s going to be voiced in the game by Tony Todd. If that’s who that voice is in the trailer, then I’m very okay with this. There’s another voice in the trailer, someone with an accent saying they want a worthy rival. I’m not exactly sure who that’s supposed to be, but I’m going to guess Kraven the Hunter? Sony has remained curiously quiet about that part.

In-game, Venom is likely to be a symbiote-infused Harry Osborn, as that was the story thread left lingering at the end of the first Spider-Man. Harry has apparently been suffering a degenerative illness, and his father has put him in a tank with the symbiote until he can be cured. That’s the only glimpse we’ve had of Venom in-universe so far. If he’s anywhere near as powerful as he is in the comics, then Miles and Peter are really going to be in for it.


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