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Nintendo delivered a brand new IP for the Wii U back in 2015. Splatoon launched, and it gave Nintendo a competitive third-person shooter that was suitable for all ages. However, the Wii U didn’t last very long, so when Nintendo Switch came out as the successor, Splatoon 2 came out just a couple of short years later. We already have word of a third installment coming out, and fans of this competitive shooter are ready to jump onto it.

Splatoon 3 was unveiled initially at the beginning of 2021. A Nintendo Direct unveiled the new installment, but it wouldn’t be until September that we had a release window. During the last Nintendo Direct, held this past September, Nintendo gave the installment another highlight. It was during this highlight that Nintendo unveiled the 2022 launch window for the game. While 2022 could mean anything, an industry insider for Nintendo has offered a smaller release window.

Samus Hunter, a Nintendo industry insider, has been telling fans that there are plans to get Splatoon 3 out at the end of the fiscal year. According to Samus Hunter, there are plenty of aspirations for this installment, and as a result, the Nintendo company doesn’t want to come up short. This ultimately means that they are not ready to give it a release date just yet. However, updates should be coming out, and that we will be getting the game sometime in either the winter or spring.

That’s, of course, if there are no significant delays to push this game further back. However, since the world is dealing with the health pandemic, we have seen several video game projects pushed back from the 2021 launch date. That could very well be a trend we’ll see in 2022. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen, and all those big video game titles fans want to play this coming year are not once again pushed back to 2023. For now, we’ll have to wait and see just what Nintendo decides to do in the coming months. 


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