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Chances are you’re aware of Splitgate. It’s become a popular video game through early access. However, there were some issues that the developers were facing as they attempted to keep up with the game development. After its success, there were more resources needed to ensure that the game had a successful launch. For now, the title remains in beta. However, a new tweet was sent out from the CEO of 1047 Games alerting followers of their newfound investments.

The studio has managed to acquire over $100 million. That’s a significant investment for an indie studio that’s striving to become AAA. Since the studio had become so popular with Splitgate, more work needs to be complete to handle the number of concurrent players. Fortunately, the investments are paying off, and now we can expect plenty of new content from the studio going forward.

1047 Games CEO Ian Proulx noted that this new funding of $100 million could mean a lot for the studio. There are no plans to implement more updates to Splitgate, new features, fix bugs faster, support for a larger number of players, and expand on more platforms. With this funding, there’s also the ability that 1047 Games can hire more developers to accomplish these new goals.

Things are looking up for 1047 Games and Splitgate. We’re still waiting on the game to launch out of beta. Hopefully, because of the funding, we’re gearing up closer to that 1.0 launch. For now, players can still enjoy the game through beta for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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