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When it comes to indie games, there is a massive barrage of titles released each year. In a lot of ways, indie games can be a great way to find something new. Rather than some AAA studios risking money on a new concept, indie developers can explore creatively. While plenty of game releases never get much chance to shine in the limelight, there are exceptions. Some indie titles completely blow up online and gain a massive following. One of those mega-hit indie game releases was Stardew Valley.

Developed by Eric Barone or otherwise known as ConcernedApe, Stardew Valley was first released back in 2016. As I’m sure you already know, Stardew Valley was created focusing on a Harvest Moon video game experience. Ultimately, this resulted in over 10 million units sold by 2020. Fan’s can’t get enough of farming and interact with the in-game characters. However, now it looks like we may see the developer step away from this game.

Over the years, we’ve seen ConcernedApe release updates for Stardew Valley. That might have kept some players playing the game over the years. However, during a community question & answer segment on the Twitch channel, UnsurpassableZ, Eric Barone admits that nothing is in active development. Of course, that’s strictly speaking about Stardew Valley, as the developer has something else in the works. It looks like Eric Barone has a new video game project coming out, which should be unveiled fairly soon.

Eric Barone didn’t state just when the game would get unveiled outside of being soon. Likewise, Eric noted that this is not another farming simulator game. Instead, you will still find it a pixel art game with a top-down perspective like Stardew Valley. So for now, we’ll have to wait and see just what this developer ends up bringing out into the marketplace next.


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